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Easter, Passover, Pam, The Titanic, lost keys, job search and more!

April 7/12.

Happy Easter! Happy Pesach!
Bring on the Cadbury Easter eggs

and kuegel!  (actually, I hate Cadbury eggs, -

but they just seem to be everywhere)!

If THIS weekend doesn't help me gain weight, NOTHING will. (why is it so easy to give up chocolate or candy, but so hard to just say no to wine)?
(Well, I'll re-word that.  Manischewitz is incredibly EASY to give up)!

My parents-in-law, Ben & Jean Bornstein, did it up big at their condo for Passover seder #1 last night,

whipping up a fabulous feast for 17 guests

all crowded around two long tables.

The meal never starts,
until the reading of the Haggadah. Everyone gets a chance to give voice to some of the insights.

During my son, Max's reading, his talented cousin, Adam, gave him a beat box accompaniment which amped up the fun level of the Haggadah considerably.

All this, in between bites of matzo and sips of impossibly sweet wine (preferably while reclining on the left)! Tradition says aristocrats reclined on the left so as to leave the right hand free for eating purposes. Alrighty then.

The delectables included traditional hard-boiled eggs & celery to dip in salt water, gefilte fish with red horseradish, matzah ball chicken soup, braised beef, baked chicken, broccoli kuegel, and an insane spread of of desserts and treats.

I stuck to fresh fruit and one slice of my brother-in-law, Arlen's birthday lemon sponge cake. Delish!

After a great visit with everyone and groans of, "I'm so full!", we drove home,

and I overdid it (as usual), decorating the diningroom table with every Easter "bun-rab" (as my late Mum used to call them) dragged up from the basement. She always decorated for Carrie and I when we were kids, so I've been following that colourful and kooky tradition ever since for my own kids, (even though Kate is now about to turn 20 and Max is 17). Guess you're never too old for the Easter bunny! Can't believe we even have an "Easter tree", (on right), given to us by the kids' nanny, Cheryl, many years ago. As for Easter dinner? I'm thinkin' peanut butter sandwiches this year.

Speaking of food, had a great time the other night treating my good pal Pam to a belated birthday dinner at The Friendly Greek.
She brought along her new electronic book reader, (a gift from her boyfriend), Steve, to show me.

My high school buddy, Dean Rogers stopped by for a little while to give Pam a card and brought me some Bath & Bodyworks lemon vanilla scented spray cologne! What a surprise! Thanks Dean!
We all had fun catching up on the latest news. Never a dull moment, that's for sure.

On the walk home along the Danforth, I passed the cool store, Alchemy,

and saw a campy, cartoon-y jacket in the window. I like it! Wanna go back and try it on.

The next night, Kate and I went to The Beach theatre,

to see Titanic in 3D!

Kate suggested I stock up on candy counter goodies to bump up the weight a bit! - So I did!

Wow. It was amazing watching Titanic unfold and come to life in a a whole new way. The above scene turned out to be my fave in 3D (even though it wasn't a big highlight for me the first time I saw it). But Leo and Kate at the front of the ship, almost close enough to touch you, made these moments so much more tender and memorable.

As for the sinking scenes, ai carumba. Almost TOO sickening to take in 3D. Mind-blowing.

The glasses are kinda dorky, but whatever!

After the very long movie, I discovered I'd lost my car and house keys. There was NO ONE left in the theatre. Kate and I searched EVERYWHERE, but they were gone. When we returned to the parking lot, I was shocked to find I'd left the car unlocked! But the keys weren't there. (amazing nobody hot-wired the car!) I have NO idea what I did with the damn keys. Had to call Sam at midnight. He and Max drove over to the theatre with a spare key and we were able to drive home. On Monday, I have to go to the dealership and pay a fortune to get a new key and electronic door opener thingy made. (I think I've lost my brain someplace too). In the meantime, I applied for a freelance writing job I read about online. Never know!

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