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Weird? What? Wacky? Wonky?

OK!  So, it all started with a pigeon. - "Go ahead. MAKE my day!" -  WTF?

I had reason to drive back to the Eaton Centre - (yep, AGAIN), on Friday to fix a few futile problems - exchanges, refunds, u-name-it. When I arrived, a crowd seemed to be staring at something, and I suddenly saw a lone pigeon, - diehard determination in its soul, strutting & strolling the food court. I've been to the Eaton Centre countless times over decades,

but NEVER saw a pigeon doing intensive retail shopping, -  (hey, guess 70 %-off sales are hard to resist for EVERYONE!)

Shoppers were shocked. EGAD!

I was about to hightail it over to H & M, when suddenly, the pigeon's BUDDY joined him - (her?),  for a bizarre shopping spree!  Are you freakin' kidding me? TWO of them?  Folks were laughing, as I tried to chase the birds all around with my digi-cam, to take pics of these unlikely feathered friends.  (Was hoping to track down "bird security" in the building, but they were flighty at the best of times), so just kept snapping. What a riot! - Later, continued my OWN spree at Forever 21! - (Found a shiny, sexy silver belt on sale!) Gorgeous!

A sensuous, last-minute addition to my skin-tight Christmas dress gift from my sister, Carrie. (Hey Cayr, - uh oh, I think you've created a monster here!) -

for the Jaymz Bee Salon Soiree I was invited to attend with Kate at his Libertyville loft on Friday night. (ya, I know you can't SEE the belt here...guess, it was below the belt).

Have never seen Jaymz's wild loft before, but it's spectacular!

No WONDER he has so much fun in life!

Kate came with me, with no inkling she'd be asked to perform!

But Jaymz knew ALL about the infamous "Kate Sloan" and gave her a proper intro to his friends!

Though Kate usually plays her own originals, she chose to perform Canuck rapper Drake's Best I Ever Had, (hmmmmmmmm, better known as "You Da Fuckin' Best"). The crowd seemed to LOVE hearing

my 19-year-old daughter do such a perfect raunchy rendition of the controversial number,

complete with lyrics -  "I can make your pussy whistle! - like the Andy Griffith theme song!" - (big laughs). I think I am the ONLY mother to be extremely PROUD of this hot, fast-paced lyrical accomplishment!

The STAR act though, -  (only MY opinion) - the All Sax 4-tet. You can't even SEE them here (except for ONE face, WAY up in the loft), -  Doug Pipher, Paul Mifsud, Paul Schofield and Mike Skinner, did a series of "all-blue" numbers - with sexy blue lights! - (Blue Skies, Blue Room, Blue Monk, Blue Bossa), - all truly phenomenal. Seriously outstanding stuff. Could have listened to them ALL night. (speaking of which - they'll be playing Dominion on Queen on February 11th) - and since that's about six blocks from my house, I hope to be there! Website?

Other acts...David Statham (from Oshawa), showed off his beautiful voice,

the magnificent Michael (Dynamite, Dynamic) Danso, teamed up with

 jubilant Julie Michels for a high-energy,  face-to-face number together!

Later, - poet/philosopher Howard Jerome, (aka "Dr. Possibility") delighted with several of his freaky, funny original pieces!

Jaymz is SO encouraging to new young talent and made Kate feel like a million bucks! (well, at least, I THINK he did!)

(Won't tell you what Jaymz said to Kate here, but sure as hell made ME laugh)!

(and these days, I need all the laughs I can get!)
Thank you, Jaymz, for a phenomenal, unforgettable evening!
Have a blast in Costa Rica with your best friend, starting Tuesday!

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