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January daze

January 6/12.

Six days into the new year and I've yet to have fallen upon or found a dull moment.

(my lifelong expression/motto of
"NEVER a dull moment! - I CRAVE a dull moment!" so far, remains true. TONS of stuff I need to do keeps falling by the wayside as more and more appointments (among other things), crop up.

All the decorations still remain on display, despite my "plan" to have them down by "12th Night" (today!) Not gonna happen. Looks like I won't get to THAT massive job till the weekend.

Meanwhile, it's been six months since the arm of my prescription glasses broke off and I was told they were unfixable. When I'm not wearing my contact lenses, have been driving around town hoping these dilapadated glasses won't fall off my face, (which they inevitably do, on occasion).

FINALLY got around to visiting Dr. Chung for my long-overdue eye examination and ordered new contacts and TWO pairs of new glasses! YAY!!

His office is right in the middle of east Chinatown at Broadview & Gerrard, not far from our house.
Had to get those delightful drops to dilate the pupils and all that,

and then spent a long time trying to pick out some not-too horrible frames!  (Don't want to look "secretarial!")  They have a promotional special on - 2 pairs of prescription glasses for $179. Should be ready in about a week or so.

Next, on to Loblaws for groceries and a few other weird incidentals. I ran out of baby oil (which I use to remove my waterproof mascara every day), and had resorted to using a kitchen bottle of olive oil for the last two days! (actually worked quite well). When you cry as often as I do waterproof mascara is a MUST!

Then, across the street to the fabulous flower market to pick out something special for my cousin, Sacha. She just got home from several months in Malta, where she's been living with her buff boyfriend, Mark and their adorable baby, Sienna. (Sacha says he's buff because he's been constantly working out due to his unique job as a water polo player!)

I wanted to buy pink roses and there were many to choose from.

My favourite flower lady, Livia, helped me put together several different bouquets into one, along with some baby's breath to create this lovely arrangement.

Went to deliver to the flowers, only to find cousin Kevio ("Grampa" - entertaining Sienna, who has grown
so much bigger since the last time I saw her! She was wearing the little Christmas sleeper I gave her months ago and now - it FITS! Glad I was wearing my waterproof mascara, as naturally, I was crying the second I saw this! Kev and his granddaughter, reunited at last!

I  felt like I was sitting in the midst of a gorgeous Norman Rockwell painting while visiting my family and seeing the stunning Sacha with her equally beautiful baby daughter, sweet Sienna. They are both absolute knockouts! Look out world!

Sienna was all ready to receive her very first Christmas stocking! Yep, I was off and crying again. All I kept thinking of was how Kevan, Carrie & I always shared our stockings together as kids, and now, time for the NEXT generation!  - Hey Kev! Please tell me there's a tangerine in there! - I KNOW Sienna can't eat a tangerine yet, but - TRADITION!!

After departing the Rockwell painting, headed around the corner to Pearl Court to pick up Dim Sum
dinner for Sam as a treat! Got some of his faves - sticky rice, calamari, shrimp balls and barbequed pork buns to take out.

Then went home to make dinner for everybody else, while visions of my new little cousin danced in my head! (had to laugh at my "red eye", - a combo caused by dilated pupils from the Doc's office and tons 'o tears)! - I really must thank the person who invented waterproof mascara!

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At January 6, 2012 at 10:13 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the baby weigh more than you?
Ask you doc about weight gain drink supplements You are far too thin.

At January 7, 2012 at 1:36 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the person above me: there's absolutely no need to be so rude, especially to someone as kind as Elaine is. She lost a lot of weight during all of her cancer treatment and is still recovering, besides the fact that she was never a large woman. She looks wonderful and is healthy and well, and I think that's all that matters.

At January 7, 2012 at 8:45 p.m. , Blogger Elaine Loring said...

Workin' on the weight gain, gang!


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