Lain's Log

January 4/12.

Ross Petty's The Wizard of Oz? - A blast! - SO many hysterical Toronto references!
I KNEW Mayor Rob would be lampooned somehow, (and he was)!

Freezing cold shot, taken during intermission outside the Elgin Theatre.
Only three more shows till they close. (Wish I could attend ALL of them)!

Kate & I are HUGE fans of Ross's annual panto.

EVERYONE is great, but Dan Chameroy as "Aunt Plumbum" steals the show! Truly great, hilarious performance! As for the costumes, - BEST EVER!!

I got in trouble from an usher for taking these pics, but I don't give a damn. My Auntie Ray has always told me, don't ask, apologize later. I did. (and still have the curtain call shots).

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