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Remembering Uncle Ev

December 14/11.

A lot on my mind today. Thinking about Uncle Ev.

It's the one year anniversary of his death. Have had him on the brain for many days, leading up to this day. Loved him with all my heart and miss him so. Yesterday, I was in the vicinity of St. Michael's Hospital, where he passed away.

Decided to stop in and re-visit the place.

Immediately upon walking through the door, I remembered seeing these decorations last year during the numerous times I came by to see Uncle Ev in the Intensive Care Unit.

Despite the sadness inside the hospital, they try to make things cheery at the holiday season.

The lovely lobby giftshop is just as pretty as it was a year ago. I went inside and bought a few sparkly Christmas items to lift my spirits,

and looked at the bouquets of flowers. Seeing the colourful arrangements brought back a bizarre memory for me.

I recall driving Auntie Ray down to the hospital last December 4th, so she could see her husband on their 62nd wedding anniversary. I steered her wheelchair behind the ICU curtain and then backed off so they could have a private chat, (which turned out to be their last visit). On the drive home, Auntie Ray told me she had noticed some tiny trees in the giftshop and instructed me to go and buy a bunch of them, one for every member of the family, as a Christmas gift from her to all of us.

When I returned to the giftshop the next day to look for the trees, I realized what she'd seen was actually the BACKS of the floral arrangements through the window. And yes, they kinda looked like tiny trees! (needless to say, she cancelled her order, upon hearing they were actually flowers!)
But hey, it's the THOUGHT that counts, right?

The other day, I went to see Auntie Ray at her condo so we could talk about our memories of Ev. We laughed. We cried. We shared so many stories.

As a lifelong interior designer/decorator, Auntie Ray told me she appreciates that the folks at Christie Gardens take the time and trouble to make the surroundings attractive for the holidays.

She loves the reindeer,

loves the sparkly trees,

and says she loves ME too! (Right back AT you Auntie Ray)! And you KNOW I'm thinking of you today.

And of Uncle Ev too.

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