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November 21/11.

Quite a day yesterday.

Lots to do, preparing for our houseguest (my great friend, Franelle) who arrives tonight. Also had plans to go see my son Max perform in a student drum showcase.

Beforehand, Max had arranged (through a Craig's List ad he saw), to purchase an amp for his drum room, and to pick it up from the seller at Chester subway station. Little did he know, the amp was HUGE and weighed a ton! Being the strong, independent kid he is, he didn't call me or his Dad to come and get him, but decided to carry it home, one slow step at a time for many many blocks! I couldn't BELIEVE it when I saw him walk through the door with this insanely heavy thing!

Max has a lot of upper arm strength from all the drumming plus the hundreds of push-ups in personal fitness class, but still, yikes! He was pretty sore (and tired) after hauling the amp all the way home! But he still had tons of energy for the big show!

Onward to Kensington Market!

The Rhythm in Motion Student Showcase concert was held at the Supermarket on Augusta Avenue.

The room was already filled when I arrived, after fighting insane downtown traffic following the Santa Claus Parade. Thankfully, the show started late due to the traffic trouble, so I only missed one number.

We were greeted at the door by Chris Lesso (left), Max's drum teacher, who organized the entire showcase, and musician Brett Caswell (a favourite of Max's).
Brett now lives in Barrie, and became a father just a month ago. He named his baby son, Phoenix! Cool! Brett made the trek to T.O. to watch the show and perform in the finale onstage with his pal, Chris.

Chris acted as M.C. and also helped the students with their set-ups onstage.

All of the student performers were being accompanied by professional musicians Chris Chiasson on bass/vocals and Dave Murray - guitar/vocals. But Max and bandmate
Emmett Webb were the only ones to go it alone as Basement Scene (missing their third bandmate, Charles Wilson, who was unavailable).

Emmett & Max performed their original song, Take That! - A hard driving rock number
with plenty of opportunity to show off in the drumming department!

Meanwhile, "Roadie Mum" was cheering on the sidelines. GREAT job guys! ALL the musicians presented a fab show. And to Chris, thank you, as always, for everything you do for your students. I hope Max can follow in your footsteps, not only as a pro drummer, but also as an all-around amazing guy and down-to-earth, dedicated, kind, caring friend.

Luckily, traffic was somewhat better on the way back, even at Dundas Square with various street closures. I drove the boys home, listening to the excitement in their voices as they talked about the show, the sound of their music playing over in my mind, and feeling happy and proud of my incredible son, Max, and of Emmett, too, (who never fails to make me laugh).

Can only IMAGINE what the future holds in store for these two! May it be all good things!!

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