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November 20/11.

I'm now in the midst of working to try and get the place cleaned up for the arrival of a very special houseguest!

My lifelong friend, Franelle Silver (Emmy award-winning TV comedy writer extraordinaire), is flying in from Los Angeles tomorrow night for a two-week stay.

Above, with my best friend, Franelle, (taken at a Los Angeles shopping mall during Christmas season a few years back).

Haven't seen her in such a long time, so very much looking forward to this!

Me with my two great pals, Joanne and Franelle Silver. I was 17 in this shot, and on my way to my first trip to Hollywood with them. (what a blast THAT was)!

Franelle, Joanne and I originally met when I was 14, while hanging out at the Toronto airport, waiting to catch a glimpse of our teen idol, Bobby Sherman,
(and we DID get to see him, and hang out with him)!

several times over the years! Bobby with Franelle. Peace & Love Babe! (as Bobby always said)!

Will post some updated Franelle pics ASAP, after she arrives! Can't wait to see her!

In the meantime, got so caught up with The Addams Family blog entry, forgot to talk about Friday! Had a fabulous time hanging out with a special friend of mine (who prefers to remain anonymous). We had an unforgettable day together. Thank you for that! Hope we can do it again soon!

On the way home, had to drive downtown, south along Broadview (unusual sky), to The Velvet Underground on Queen Street West,
to pick up Max and his Basement Scene bandmates, Emmett Webb and Charles Wilson. They did a gig there together from 6:30 to 7 p.m., on the bill with a collection of teen rock bands.

Must say, they are the coolest kids!

Later today, at 4 p.m.,
Max & Emmett are scheduled to do another gig together! This time, at the Supermarket, 268 Augusta Avenue (in Kensington Market) for the The Rhythm In Motion student showcase. Should be great fun for all!

Max's amazing drum teacher, Chris Lesso, organizes this annual drumming event to give his students a chance to show off on the stage with a couple of professional musicians backing them. (This time, the guest performers are Chris Chiasson on Bass, and Dave Murray on Guitar/Vocals).

Meanwhile, today also happens to be the birthday of my sister-in-law, Debbie!
Just days after returning from her exciting trip to Israel (!)
she is doing Christmas decorating! (what else, right?) LOL. Good one Deb! Have a great day and a very happy year ahead. I love you!

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