Lain's Log

Moronic Monday

December 12/11.

What's with the cardboard cutouts these days?

Ran into Justin Bieber at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day, lookin' cool!

Then, into Charlize Theron at The Bay! - GORGEOUS!

And finally, Colin Mochrie at Loblaws!
(I tried to talk to him, but he just kept asking, "Whose Line is it ANYWAY?")
Not a great conversationlist. Love him (anyway)!

At my Dad-in-law's birthday bash, couldn't believe the Norman Bates knife we had to slash the cake!

Very "shower-worthy"
(Cue slasher squeals!)

Way more weekend blogging to catch up on, but for now, this will have to do! Happy Mundane Monday!

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