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Week 2 with Franelle!

December 1/11.

Belated blogging! Can't even BELIEVE it's December!

A new day dawned for the beginning of Franelle's second week here
at our place. SO pretty. Much to catch up on!

Another beautiful view overlooking Riverdale Park from Broadview Avenue. (I should just pitch a tent and LIVE here, but I wouldn't want Mayor Ford to come over and toss me out!)

A rare photo op! My daughter Kate, my best friend, Franelle, me and my son, Max in our front yard. (Sam took the pic). Golden leaves almost gone.

While Franelle visited her sister, Val, - Kate & I hit the awesome DeSerres Art Store on the Danforth. She wanted a special frame for a gift she's putting together, and I wanted paintbrushes. (no, not because I'm an artist, but because I use their $1.79 brushes to apply eyeliner! WAY cheaper than professional Mac or Hiscott brushes, - and every bit as good)!

Meanwhile, also took my Mum-in-law grocery shopping at Lawrence Square. She knitted the terrific headband Kate is wearing and gave it to her as a present. It's warm and looks great on her!

While at the mall,

ran into Santa for the first time this season. He asked if I was naughty or nice? Hmmmmmmmm. Told him, "Tough call". (But he gave me a candy cane anyway).

I remember when Kate & Max were little, they were afraid of Santa. Not THIS kid! So sweet.

The line-up for balloon making and gift wrapping was a bit long. Can't believe it. I haven't bought a single present yet. (for the record though, when I do, I wrap my own gifts!)

While we shopped, Sam was setting up a new computer for his Dad.

My Dad-in-law is lucky to have a son who knows how to launch him back into cyberspace! (while he watches TV).

On the way home from Lawrence Square, just HAD to stop by the old "Hidey Hole" (my late Mum's former house), to see it. Really only wish Mum was inside so I could drop by to say hello and have tea with her. Sigh.

The next day, Franelle went to see her stepmother, Millie, in Newmarket, which freed me up for a visit with my sister, Carrie and her son, Lee, as we drove him out to Etobicoke for an indoor practice/workout with his baseball team,

The Etobicoke Rangers at the Pro Teach Baseball facility. Carrie describes it as, "A dynamic baseball program for kids and teens." (Lee plays in the 16U group). I bought some Rangers raffle tickets from Lee. The draw for big prizes is December 22nd.

During Lee's practice, we took off,

(but not before a quick look at the exciting Etobicoke water tower (!?)

- then to the Coach and Four pub in Oakville to see our Dad for his 86th birthday.

We only had an hour together,

but we packed in quite a good visit! (in light of the loss of our Mum, Carrie's birthday card made me cry).

Also met Dad's delightfully funny friend, Barry Rhodes, (whom Dad calls "The Rhodes Scholar"). Great to see you again Barry, and thanks for taking pics of us with Dad!

On the way home, saw lots of pretty decorations.

Yep, beginning to look a lot like Christmas already!

On Monday, got quite a surprise! I drove Franelle to a bank machine on the Danforth. While waiting for her on a side street, saw a TV cameraman and beautiful blonde reporter getting into a CITY TV van. Suddenly realized the reporter was Cynthia Mulligan, who inspired my blog! Franelle arrived back in the car, I quickly tossed her my camera, raced over to the CITY cruiser,

and just managed to catch Cynthia before she took off! Way back in March, Cynthia spent an hour on the phone with me, (following her year-long fight with cancer), to answer all my questions after my own breast cancer diagnosis. I had never met her, but she was so generous with her time, spending her entire lunch hour talking. During that phone call, we laughed, cried, compared notes and thoughts and she helped me so much at the height of my fear. She's a very special and caring person and I was thrilled to finally meet her! After chemo, her hair has grown back and she's prettier than ever. Thank you for letting me take this picture with you Cynthia. You've been an inspiration to many (especially me!) Continued good health to you!

Franelle and I headed back downtown to check out the incredible Christmas windows at the Yonge & Queen Bay store.

They're so beautifully done!

Auntie Ray (former window dresser) would love these!

Victorian details galore!

Cute little newsboy with his faithful dog.

Carrie would appreciate the carollers. For many years, she's dressed up in Victorian gowns and sung Christmas carols in shopping malls!

Time to decorate the tree! Had to laugh. The useless guy on the left kept his arm moving up and down, beads just hangin' there, but never strung a SINGLE decoration! (You'll NEVER get it done that way guy)!

Franelle was quite taken by the little mice, tucked into their matchbox beds (and they even have tiny Bay blankets). Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads!

Quite the dessert table!!

Something tells me Santa is expected down the chimney soon!

Just HAD to get my pic taken with "Useless Decorating Guy!" Remind me not to hire him to help out at my place.

Crossing Queen Street into the Eaton Centre, ran into a silent Elvis impersonator decked out in shiny silver, who was happy to pose for pics for a Toonie, while a speaker blared out the Elvis version of Blue Christmas!

On Tuesday, we took advantage of half price movie day at the Varsity inside the Manulife Centre.

Franelle, Kate & I had been dying to see My Week with Marilyn, starring the absolutely luminous Michelle Williams.

I've been a lifelong Marilyn fanatic and couldn't take my eyes off radiant Michelle in the role.

She's really breathtaking and brings so much joy to the role. I'm sure
she'll receive an Oscar nomination. (not to mention, the makeup, hair and lighting folks, who should be shoo-ins for nominations too!)

The movie theatre had several film costumes on display,

so we could see them up close,

as well as some gorgeous photos of Marilyn. I wanted to look like her all my life! (ya, I know, me and everybody else, right?)

She was as stunning as it gets.

Kenneth Branagh was also brilliant as Sir Laurence Olivier. One scene, in which he talks about his desire to feel younger while working with Marilyn, was particularly heartbreaking. That scene alone should score him a nomination.

Can't WAIT to see this movie again!!

Wednesday, was a nostalgic day.

Franelle & I drove back to our old stompin' grounds in the Yonge/Eglinton area to see our blast-from-the-past apartment building at 100 Roehampton.

The days we were roommates in the late 70's, were among the happiest of my life. Can you IMAGINE sharing a place with an hysterically funny TV comedy writer? NEVER a dull moment, and ALL I did was laugh. It was a blastola!

I lived in three units of this building, - 909, 1010 - (like the radio station I later worked at!) and 1115. Part of that time I lived with Franelle, part with her sister, Joanne, (after Franelle left me to move to
Hollywood to write for the Carol Burnett Show - and WON AN EMMY!!!), - and sometimes, I lived on my own. Lemme tell ya, it was nowhere NEAR as fun without them!! Hey Franelle! - How about you move back home to T.O. and we rent ANOTHER unit at 100 Roehampton??

Franelle & I were surprised to discover a couple of significant improvements in the lobby area! Lo & behold, they NOW boast, not ONE, but TWO vending machines!! Yippee! - One for cold drinks and the other, for munchies! (where WERE they when we NEEDED them in 1977?????????)

Franelle says she'll consider moving back with me, when the building superintendent agrees to install a lobby mini-bar!! (a girl after my own heart) Cheers!

Later in the day, we hung out in my car, illegally stopped on Balmuto Street, waiting for Franelle's sister, Val to finish work, so we could drive with her to the Danforth for dinner together. We were very bored, so watched the construction workers prepping to pave the road. (and you KNOW you're bored when you find THAT entertaining!!)

Then I turned the camera on a hair salon on the second floor of the Manulife Centre. Suddenly, we were channelling Jimmy Stewart from Rear Window,

watching with baited breath as a beautiful, Grace Kelly-like young woman

had her hair done by a villainous stylist, whom we imagined was just waiting for an opportunity to stab her with the scissors! (Well, it kept us amused till Val showed up!)

We peeled outta there, petrified of the killer stylist, - onward to the
safety of The Friendly Greek!

We were joined for dinner by Val's close friend, the lovely, charming and ever-congenial Karen Wilkinson. GREAT to see her again! The food was fantastic, as always, and the conversation, never dull!

Valerie was surprised when Karen (who had only asked for a mini-Greek salad), suddenly added an extra dish to our order, - Saganaki,

- the famous flamed cheese, to the order!

Bring on the brandy, light 'er up and OPA!!!!!!!!!!

It was a great night! Always love to see Franelle & Val having fun together!

Cut, print, moving on! Thursday! Whew. This week is moving WAY TOO QUICKLY!

Ready to rock 'n roll for another Franelle day. Off we went to Eastern and Logan to hand in a deposit cheque for a voice-over class ("Find Your Voice"), I want to take next month with the talented actor

Jason Deline! It's time for a voice-over refresher course! I need help! (have never met Jason, but he's a FB friend and runs this super cool voice class which I've wanted to take for years). Maybe, one of these days, can try to get back into the biz in some small capacity. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. (That I know for SURE!)

Then, off to meet Val at her office and a walk over to The Bloor Street Diner

for the final lunch before Val has to say goodbye to her sis for a while.
Was a great time.

After crying, watching Franelle & Val say goodbye to each other, we shopped along Bloor, (only WINDOW shopping at Holt Renfrew, of course!), we went home.

Coming up, on my fave day - FRIDAY??? - Sam's company Christmas party!

Franelle (my "dresser" - LOL), will try her best to pull/yank/piece me together in this insanely tight dress, with adhesive gel bra (gak), black control-top pantyhose, (yikes), vintage silver clip-on earrings (ouch), ultra-high silver stilettos (look out!) and who knows what else? Stay tuned!! If anything, should be a laugh!

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Hi Elaine. I was doing a search for my cousins, Franelle, Valerie and Joanne. and found your blog. My name is Linda. How can I get in touch with them?


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