Lain's Log

Please, - Wrap it up already!!

December 5/11.

Cue "The Wrap-Up Show" - (as producer Gary 'Baba Booey' Dell'Abate - AND "King-of-All-Media" Howard Stern would say on SIRIUS - "Howard 100"!)... -

"Wrap it the F-UP already Lain!!" - OK, WILL DO Howard!!!!!!!

WAY behind on the last few days of Franelle's visit here. So here comes the Stern-inspired, wack-pack, fast-action, freakin' frenzied, free-flowing

weird, wired, wonky, rigged, wrap-up, - ("Not-ready-for-prime-time-players", but, whatever)! Bring it on.

Friday December 2nd!

Sam's annual ab-fab National Public Relations company Christmas party. This one, glitzy & glam at the classy Windsor Arms Hotel! - SO much prep to pull it together just to ATTEND the swanky, sizzling affair. Thought everything would be just perfectly swellegant what with all the advance shopping! But nope. Not QUITE perfect. (Glitches-r-us). Never a dull moment around here!

Started OFF like Cinderella, in the morning, "in my own little corner", with the coolio, never-ending excitement of sorting the infamous mismatched sock drawer with Franelle, in her den/guest room. (Always a fun-filled entertaining chore for a special visitor. - NOT)! But we laughed our heads off at the assortment of Sponge Bob Square Pants socks (among other gems).

(She couldn't BELIEVE the mournful mountain of desperate, lonely, isolated socks I had gathered together in "sock-rehab", but once we called Howard's, we were both astounded at the hot mates we hooked up for these poor little lost sock souls!)

Later, worked with my very patient "stylist", Franelle, who tried to rig me up, (which proved to be impossible),

into these weird, wild adhesive thing-a-ma-jigs to go under the skin-tight little black dress! - Just give it up!!!

Little did we know, they were pretty useless when it comes to flashing! (FYI - as in flash photography, not just plain old flashing!) The fiendish adhesive thingys show thru WAY too much under bright flashes and end up looking like "x-ray pics"!! Gak. - (i.e. - very white under jet black. NOT attractive)! - Franelle says we SHOULD have taken some dressing room/red-carpet-style flash "test shots" beforehand! - Where's a handy dandy volunteer paparazzi when I need one? My good old Princess Margaret Hospital construction worker photogs were nowhere to be found at Gerrard Square!!

But after about three hours of prep work and some skillful photo-shopping by Kate, everything was under control,

For the beautiful dining room,

where, from high above, the dinner tables looked like clocks!

- and I looked OK, (thanks Franelle!) - albeit briefly! -

under the glare of the gorgeous, golden chandelier in the lobby of the Windsor Arms,

before ending up (as the Cinderella Rodgers & Hammerstein song says),
"Glad to be back in my own little corner,
All alone in my own little chair", - in the kitchen, hammering the crap out of a massive butternut squash bought by Franelle,

and suddenly turning back into a pumpkin again! - (always did LOVE
Lesley Ann Warren!)
P.S. - More of Franelle's "final wrap up show" still to come!!
(Reminds me of the comedy scripts Franelle used to write. At the bottom of the last page, it ALWAYS said, "MORE TO COME!") And there is.

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