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Computers, Cancer Schmancer and Picnic? How are these things related?

December 9/11.

The other day, I was asked to deliver my Father-in-law's old computer and monitor back to him at his condo. The new one he got was too much of a daunting chore to learn - (hey, I can relate), while he already had the old one all figured out. He wanted the old one back. My Dad-in-law has done SO much for me, so here was a small chance to do a favour in return. (I should be doing a LOT MORE of that)!

It's heavy as hell, and breast cancer pain hangs on for months, - ouch - but I just thought, (to quote Fran Drescher) - "Cancer schmancer!" Right on Fran!

Hang the damn pain! I'm independent and I'm gonna DO this thing and just pretend it weighs the same as so much tissue paper! That line is right out of one of my favourite movies, - Picnic (1955).

I loaned my VHS copy to a friend a few years ago and never got it back. (Doesn't really matter. I know EVERY line by heart without the video anyway)!

In one scene, Mrs. Potts, (Verna Felton), is captivated by Hal (William Holden)...well, who WOULDN'T be?

Mrs. Potts was overwhelmed by Hal's strength. She couldn't believe it when he whisked a washtub filled with drinks for the picnic through the house and out into the car. She exclaims to one and all, "Look at him lift that washtub as if it was so much tissue paper!" I was channelling Hal the day I went to see my parents-in-law! Man, I love Holden in that role.

And hey, while I'm on the subject of Picnic, just have to toss up the famous sexy Moonglow dance between Holden and Kim Novak (Madge). Kim in that tight pink dress, Bill just mesmerized by her beauty, - and TOGETHER?? Magic! - Such a hot scene!

The late director Josh Logan claimed it was practically impossible working with Kim Novak,

but I think it was worth it. She sure burned up the screen!

(Let's face it, they BOTH did!)

Gotta stop thinking about Hal & Madge now. Heading off into the city to run errands. The brave & ballsy GPS woman is coming with me. Hope she doesn't try to steer me into another cement wall! I think she's just jealous of my driving skills. (Not).

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