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In Praise of 85!

December 13/11.

Over the weekend, by fantastic father-in-law, Ben Bornstein,

partied-it-up in celebration of his 85th birthday with flying colours and every available member of the family on deck to cheer him on!

The bash was staged at a private dining room inside the downtown Il Fornello Restaurant on King Street West.

Was a blast to dress up with my kids, Kate & Max for the big shindig!

Kind of like getting into the coach and going to the ball! (Kate reminds me of Cinderella after her fairy Godmother waved her magic wand to make her look like a Princess)!

I wasn't wearing glass slippers, but had on the silver stilettos, ready to dance on table tops. (didn't happen, but I was READY, just in case)!

Dad was in his glory, surrounded by all four of his beloved children,
Sam, Jan, Debbie and Neil, who made the party happen.

Always great to get together for a HAPPY occasion!

For Dad (looking dapper) and Mum, (simply fab),

it was definitely a great photo op for one and all! The chance to take pics with each and every grandchild, from the oldest to the youngest. Here's a look!

With eldest grandson, Sean Michaels, who travelled from Montreal to be here.

Grandson Jason Bornstein

Granddaughter Jenny Bornstein

Grandson Adam Bornstein

Granddaughter Kate Bornstein

Grandson Max Bornstein

Youngest grandchild, Justin Cyna

There was also a special guest! Nephew Shep Bostin flew in from the States to celebrate his Uncle. We were all SO happy to see him!

My sister-in-law, Carolyn Bornstein, deserves special praise for all her help in finding a location for the big event.

Son-in-law, Arlen Michaels came in with Jan from Ottawa to be part of the festivities.

I had my own moment with Dad B!

I was proud of Sam for the terrific toasts and speeches he made, which ran the gamut from heartfelt to funny.

Naturally, I toasted my father-in-law with an icy cold vodka Martini, straight up, with olives. Shaken not stirred. (what else?)

It was also a special milestone birthday for daughter, Jan Michaels.

So of course, there had to be two cakes!!

A gorgeous photo cake, showing a dapper Dad as a young man,

and a chocolate chip cookie cake for Jan! (Thanks to Deb for arranging and bringing the goodies!)

Kate & Max led the singing of Happy Birthday, with Kate on ukelele!

Dad bravely made his way through an emotional thank you speech. (don't think I could have done that)! But he cracked everyone up at the end when he exclaimed he was glad he wasn't paying for this swanky soiree!

And trust my generous parents-in-law to turn the tables on all of us! Instead of just accepting birthday gifts, they gave each member of the family a hamsa. Mum had me in tears when she told me what it was. I never knew of these, but they are palm-shaped amulets, depicting the open right hand,

- an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history. The hamsa apparently provides superstitious defense against the evil eye. (and couldn't we ALL use a little of that?) Thank you Mum & Dad for watching out over us!

Meanwhile, let's cut the cake, (with the knife borrowed from Norman Bates in Psycho!)

Or to quote "Mick" (Paul Hogan), in Crocodile Dundee,

"Now THAT's a knife!"

Happy birthday Dad!

And many many more! (Enjoy your delicious prezzies!)
Love you!

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