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Getting caught up!

November 10/11.

Much on the go this week.

A bit TOO much, if you ask me. (Despite my "empowering" Power Puff Girls sweater, lookin' "a tad peaked" here, - as my Gramma often used to say to me)! But peaked doesn't stop me from loving cartoon characters and a whole cast of whack packers!

Ya, I know, my insane, over-the-top adoration of The 3 Stooges,
Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

and Jerry Lewis, (a la Professor Julius Kelp),

and the fabulous, late, great Billy Van!! sigh - (in The Hilarious House of Frightenstein!!) Man, he was fantastic in all those wild roles! - Remember the credits? Starring - Billy Van, Billy Van, Billy Van!!

and yes, even the Power Puff Girls, proves I've never really grown up, I guess. Whatever. Live with it!

Not enough time lately to sit around, think, create & blog!!
(No shortage of IDEAS, only time).

Monday's "ME day" put me way behind with a lot of mundane stuff. (my fave....not!) Had to run to catch up.

Always makes me think of that Jill Clayburgh movie, "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can"!! (yes, I know it dealt with Valium addiction). Have never been addicted to the stuff, however, took it six years ago to make my speech at Bob McAdorey's funeral, (February, 2005),

and again, two weeks ago, - (ALSO to speak at a McAdorey function), -
co-accepting his induction award into the Niagara Falls Wall of Fame. (Bob? - Seems I only need Valium when it comes to YOU)! - I KNOW he would relate, understand, and say, "It's OK. I LOVE you." (as he often said when I was freaking out).

In between mundane, "have-a-blast" chores today, headed over to Gerrard Square to track down a gift for my Auntie Ray's upcoming 92nd birthday. (finally found something...just hope it FITS)!

But while there, also wandered into the local boot store to check out these WAY-wild, over-the-knee boots they had.

Always wanted to try them on. At long last, actually DID it. The shop owner was kind enough to take a pic. Upon seeing it though, felt it looked like I was about to go fly fishing with Robert Redford in A River Runs Through It! Gak.

(of course, Bob was MUCH too COOL to wear major-league boots during the making of that film)!!

After giving up on my idea of over-the-knee boots, ended up buying,

...these! Yep. Grape-coloured, knee-high, suede boots. (WHAT???) - Totally UNpractical, but fun to strut in. (just wearing them in the mall, had THREE people ask where I GOT them)!

Then, onward to grocery shopping at No Frills (be still my heart), and to Gerrard & Carlaw, where I ran into my FAVE blog mascots, Aubrey & Dana -"The Bolton Bros". (every bit as cool as Redford in MY book).

They looked great and played their fab version of Me and Bobby McGee, (written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster)- just for me! First time I've heard them sing it. LOTS of people gave them money, as they are SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Awesome guys! - Bought them each a beer, instead of tossing change into their guitar. (FYI - Aubrey, with the RED hat, is the only street performer I've seen with a cell phone! He got a call while I was snapping pics. Seems a young woman was awfully anxious for him to come over and see her). He blushed when he closed the phone and re-joined his brother. Cheers guys!

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