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Monday, Monday!

November 7/11.

To quote The Mamas & the Papas....(LOVE them so!)...

"Monday, Monday, so good to me,
Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be,
Oh Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee,
That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me!

Monday, Monday, can't TRUST that day,
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way,
Oh Monday mornin' you gave me no warnin' of what was to be,
Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me?"

(GREAT lyrics about a crappy-kinda-day) - Well, YOU know, Mondays usually suck.

Anyone who reads this blog, (or my messages on Facebook), knows, I HATE Mondays. Gak! - But NOT today!

Many years ago, my beautiful sister-in-law, Carolyn, said I should learn about "ME DAYS." I never heard of them before. She explained they are imperative to your well-being. Sometimes, her "ME DAY" involves a visit to a spa for a massage or mani/pedi. (But I HATE massages, always have, - and mani/pedis - nope. Not happening! - EVER).
I am more...hmmmmmmmm...visceral. I think? (Had to look that word up)! Part of the definition is: Dealing with crude or elemental emotions. Right on!
Emotion is my middle name, - (just in case you didn't know).

Carolyn and her husband, Neil, (my husband's cool bro), recently got back from a trip to Tahiti, celebrating their 30-year wedding anniversary! (Now THAT'S what I call "ME DAYS")!!!!!!!!!! Wow! - Just fantastic! (and, may I say, this is one of the most beautiful shots I've EVER seen of the two of you together!!!!) Hope you don't mind I borrowed it from a vacation email you sent!!! (will take it down if you tell me to, but hoping you'll let me use it! You both look great!)

But Carolyn's words (coupled with my recent William Shatner/Massey Hall experience, - "Just say YES"!!), resulted in a "ME DAY" of my own!
Look out!

"LAIN!!! You're listening to what I have to say??? - Weird, or WHATTTT"??

My good friend, Pam, took a couple of "ME DAYS" last weekend.
She went to Niagara Falls with her new beau, Steve!

Such a lovely rainbow!

Lookin' mighty happy there, Pam! As romance goes, - Margaritas and The Falls - sounds like a pretty deadly combo!!

And talk about romance and racing heartbeats! Pam & Steve actually went INDOOR SKYDIVING (à la this promotional pic!) Yikes-o-rama!

I told my husband, Sam, I NEED a "ME DAY," - and he strongly encouraged the thought, saying, "Do WHATEVER you like!" - So I did! Wanted to do SOMETHING to change my "hate-on" for Mondays, to a love fest! Here's what happened.

I've had a lifelong love of Yonge Street. Day or night. It's always the best! - Drove there at 9 a.m. to the Eaton Centre - for something I NEVER have.

You got it! - BREAKFAST!!! (Yep. Orange Julius). Why the hell not??

Then? Off shopping, to The Bay! Tried to find a gift for my Auntie Ray, who is about to turn 92 in a few days, but no luck. Nothing "spoke to me." Drat. She is tough to buy for. Will keep looking!

Since this is a ME-day, gave up "the Auntie Ray search" and headed to a few of MY fave places. - (maybe yours too?)

Won't tell you what I bought, - (if ANYTHING), but here's the kind of sultry items they have up for grabs!! Hit it Ricky Ricardo!!! "Ai yi YI"!

(insert wolf whistle here).

Ai CarUMba!!!! (Thank you Bart)!!

And when I got tired of La Vie En Rose, (which is tough to do), there's always La Senza!! - (funny, but what REALLY got me, was the window display model's fantabulous makeup! PLEASE, Dana Joon! - my fave Global TV cosmetics expert, - come and make me up to look like THIS)!!!!!!!!! Simply stunning!!! I KNOW you can do it! LOL. (as the model's motto says, "Bling it on"!)

La Senza! Lotsa hot stuff.

Next? The Body Shop!!! My mission? To find Vanilla brown/sugar body lotion. And I DID!

(my old high school pal, Dean Rogers, bought me some sample sizes of this knock-your-socks-off, sensuous stuff a few months ago. Got addicted. (thanks a lot Dean). Now, I can't live without it! Great. I swear, if you TRY this product, you will feel the same. The scent is heavily intoxicating.

After hours of shopping, moved on to...yep, lunch! (unheard of for me!) A veggie sandwich at Richtree Market Restaurant. (trying to add a bit of weight on to this 95-pound frame, since everybody seems to think that's what I need. OK already)!!

To quote my favourite Jim Carrey line in The Grinch, (yes. - AGAIN!), - "Cut, print, MOVING ON!" - to an art show!

Went to the John A. Libby Fine Art Gallery to see some works by our longtime family friend, Garth Haines. UNBELIEVABLE painter! The show continues through Saturday November 12th at 463 King Street East. GO SEE IT!!

My sister, Carrie, went to see the Garth Haines show on the weekend, and met up with him! He is 80-years-old now, and having many problems with his eyesight, and yet,

his work is amazing.

Here's a DOUBLE painting!

(oil on canvas, called Cumulus Forming) Click here to look at Garth Haines' website.

Carrie was also introduced to Christian Thibault, of Ottawa, (above), who is sharing the bill with Garth Haines at the gallery. - TWO great artists together!

And Carrie's boyfriend, Paul Nodwell, also a gifted artist, was there to meet with Garth Haines too! (Paul is a big fan of Garth's!)

This is Paul's recent work, painted during his trip to Nadine Lake (Algonquin Park). Stunning! For more of Paul's creations, see his website (click here).

When I dropped by the gallery, my friend, Garth, wasn't there, but I had the fun of meeting the delightful Christian Thibault, who took me on a tour of the gallery paintings, both his own, AND Garth's. (I wanted my pic taken in my mauve hoodie in front of Garth's mauve work of art. Christian is standing in front of one of his own paintings).

Christian giving the grand tour.

Two more lovely golden paintings by Christian Thibault.

Brilliant Fall Day - by Garth Haines.

John Libby, who runs the gallery, was kind enough to invite me to the upcoming holiday art shows. Had a great time chatting with him about everything under the sun. (as he seems to be, here!)

Moonstruck - by Garth Haines. (I want this painting in my bedroom! - Don't YOU?)

The Red Wagon - also by the brilliant Garth Haines.

Saying a fond farewell to Libby Fine Art. This place is good for the soul!

Onward! Next? - The Beaches!

Such a beautiful day!
Hard to believe it's November!!

While trying to take a 10 second auto-pic shot, almost lost it in laughter, when just as the camera was about to click, this dog, suddenly ran in front of me!!! So funny. (and my hair is pretty hysterical too!)

Stopped in the Kew Gardens area to snap some fall colour shots, before the leaves all disappear.

Then, out of the leaves and into Hair Dynamix Salon,

the only place I know that carries I.C.O.N. Cure - (the hair essential that detangles my hair enough to be able to get a wide-tooth comb through it)!

$30 a bottle, but worth every penny! (lasts about three months). Would have hair like a rat's nest WITHOUT it)!! SO happy to have some CURE product. I was afraid it was discontinued (like every other cosmetic I adore)! Later, made another stop on Yonge Street, because it was hoppin'!

Don't know the name of this blues guitarist, but he was going at it, hot & heavy at Yonge & Dundas! Very good player! Others were taking his picture too. I gave him some change and he waved and thanked me (in between notes)!

And this lone man was dancing to the beat of a different drummer! (Himself!)

And this guy? A "fire swallower"!

As he was about to show his stuff, a young boy yelled out to him, "EAT IT"!! The fire swallower instantly bellowed back, "YOU eat it kid"!!! (SO made me laugh!!)

I watched everything "incognito"! Bought these great Guess sunglasses in August for a family vacation. LOVE them, but so far, have only worn them twice. Today was #2! Nobody knew me! (not that they would! LOL)! But not a single person approached me in Dundas Square, asking, "What the HELL are you doing???????" - So I didn't have to explain, "Taking a ME day" - OK with you)?!?

THOUGHT about going to a movie at the AMC! But after checking the roster, nothing really roped me in. So, continued along Yonge.

ADORE the multiple fountains! So pretty!

On the last lap back to my car, saw THIS window.

Couldn't help but take a pic! Won't say why. YOU figure it out!! (I've always loved red! As my cousin, Kevan, says, "Red goes with EVERYTHING"!!)
Back home by 7 p.m. to cook dinner. End of "ME DAY"!
Was awesomely fun!

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At November 8, 2011 at 8:56 p.m. , Anonymous dean said...

My apology for getting you hooked on Body Shop vanilla creams etc.Well not really.Glad you are eating 3 square meals a day!!Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

At November 9, 2011 at 6:11 p.m. , Blogger Carrie Loring said...

Nice you spent the day "paradin'"!! Thanks for telling about it. Man, we sure do have great people in our lives! Pam, Dean, Bill Shatner, Garth name a few. We have been blessed. AND, Neil and Carolyn look fabulous!
Hugs. xoxox

At November 10, 2011 at 6:48 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Messaging back to - Dean!
No problem re: the vanilla stuff. I have tried MANY MANY vanilla products and the one you gave me is the ultimate. Serious scent. Love it. This is one addiction I can live with. As for breakfast? Was kind of a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me. The only time I really have breakfast is during the one week vacation to Fern Resort in August. I say, DINNER is the most important meal of the day. (only my opinion)!

And Carrie? Yep, it was a definite "paradin'" day. (Great, now I have an overwhelming desire to watch A Hard Day's Night for the umpteenth time)! I LOVE the movie from beginning to end, but Ringo-goes-paradin' is my absolute FAVE scene!! Sigh. As for great people in our lives, all those you named (no argument there!) - and many many more! Love you!
Hugs back.


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