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Shatner & Halloween aftermath!

November 3/11.

Tonight, I'm boldly going where I've never gone before! - To see William Shatner's one-man show at Massey Hall!

Bound to be entertaining in every way! The man is magic.

Whether he's Captain Kirk of Star Trek,

T.J. Hooker,

or my favourite character, Denny Crane, (Boston Legal), Shatner is bound to beam me up no matter what he does! At age 80, he has more energy than most men half his age, and his current mantra is, "Just say yes to opportunity!!" (I need more of that in my life). GIVE it to me Bill!

I'm going to meet my pal, Pam at Fran's for dinner, beforehand, so she can tell me all about Steve, the fantastic new man in her life!

And about her son, terrific teen, George, and their wild Halloween weekend at Fern Resort (where Pam & I first met, poolside, a number of summers ago). Check out George's killer carved pumpkin with a dagger in its head! (George CREATED this and won the award for scariest pumpkin!) LOVE it, - but maybe that's just me, - (Queen of horror movies since the age of 13)!
Are you following in my footsteps, George?

(Where's Freddy Krueger when I need him??) Robert Englund was always one of my fave interviews! Who KNEW??

Or Jason Voorhees?

Or Michael Myers??

Pam with her screamer Fern pal! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

Scary Halloween characters aside, Fern Resort in Orillia is gorgeous in any season!

My stunning 19-year-old daughter, Kate, dressed for Halloween as a va-va-voom-vampy gothic gal!

(purple hair, fishnet stockings & all! - YES!!!)

She and her adorable boyfriend, Damian, did "door duty" on Halloween, giving candy to all the kids. (this pic taken B.C. - before costumes!)

Meanwhile, my son, Max went cinematic as Danny Zuko from Grease, with gorgeous girlfriend, Robyn, as sweet & sexy Sandy! Wow! (Hardly recognized you as a blonde, Robyn!!! - Systematic! Hydromatic! Electrifying! - GO greased lightning!) Insert wolf whistle here!!

Sunset on Halloween evening. - (Appropriately orange)!

Here are a few of the scary houses decked out in our neighbourhood!

Then, there's MY door! No time to go all-out, but at least there was a skeleton doing a dance, a few tiny decorations and one rather lame pumpkin! Boo!

The day after Halloween, met up with my old high school pal, Dean Rogers at The Friendly Greek for lunch. Always great company and the food, better than ever. (yes gang, I actually had lunch!!!)

Thanks for coming downtown Dean! I like our colours together. Very "pastel-ish"!

And speaking of colours, hard to believe they're still so vibrant in early November. Took these shots at Withrow Park, just down the street from our house. Beautiful!

This one shot at the bottom of our street, one of the loveliest avenues in Riverdale!

I hate saying goodbye to fall. Always my favourite season. (still wearing open-toed, pink sandals? Why not? You only live once!)

On Wednesday, went for a visit with the fabulous Auntie Ray at her condo. Raided her hat collection for this pic. She will be turning 92 on November 12th! We had a three-hour visit, talking about everything under the sun. The woman is a true wonder with so much insight into any subject you can name. She gave me plenty of advice and lots of love. She calls herself my surrogate Mother, (filling in for the love I'm missing from my late Mum, her sister). What would I do without her? We talked so long, she almost missed the meal in the diningroom, but I managed to get her there just in time for soup!

Then, later, onward to the "over-the-top, can't-handle-it, grocery excitement", - shopping at No Frills! (be still my heart). $120 later, home to cook something-or-other for the kids and watch an episode of House on DVD - a gift from a friend. (thank goodness for Hugh Laurie, who managed to spice up my evening quite nicely)!

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