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Kate's Commencement! (Bring on the Kleenex!)

November 5/11.

Friday was kind of a melancholy day. (rare for me, since Fridays are almost INEVITABLY a raucous, rambunctious blast, if only in my mind). But this one? Not so much.

Started off fine, driving hither & thither - fab fall colours everywhere,

tons of tedious errands to do, racing around like a maniacal mad fiend,

places to go,

things to do,
people to see, (which I always like), and mundane crap to accomplish (which I don't)!

Despite the golden hues everywhere,

(which I love with a passion),

I was feeling sad, (but as Dick Van Dyke sings in Bye Bye Birdie, - "Put on a happy face"!) - Tried to do that on the way to my daughter, Kate's high school commencement. Yes, I'm thrilled she's graduated, and is an Ontario scholar, (congrats Sweet!), but the fact that time has flown by so quickly and her high school days are behind her? WTF? How'd THAT happen? (DIDN'T I just finish my days at Northern Secondary? - Guess not).

The Rosedale Heights School of the Arts band greeted parents, family members and friends in the auditorium with fantastic music!

Such talented kids!!

I teared up as I watched so many of Kate's friends cross the stage to receive their diplomas from remarkable Rosedale principal Mr. Sketchley. But the most heartbreaking moments of the evening centred around comments about the death of Alex Gillespie, who was killed at age 17 after being hit by a TTC bus on August 20, 2010. Kate shared improv classes with him and we were all devastated when we learned of his death while on vacation in Orillia last summer.

(above), Alex's sister, Kate Gillespie posed with Stefan Till (another good pal of Kate's), who was presented with the first annual Alex Gillespie Friendship Award by Kathryn Wright, (mother of Alex). Stefan has been to our home several times and I think the world of him. - I KNOW he will go on to do great things, no matter what path he chooses to take.

(above), Alex Gillespie.
We were told by Kathryn Wright that the winner of the Alex Gillespie Friendship Award had to be someone with numerous attributes. - A person who is friendly, thoughtful & kind, who listens, cares and reaches out to all those who need help.

Alex embodied all those traits and many more, including (according to Kate) a fabulous sense of humour and great ability as an improv performer.

As I watched his Mum on stage, bravely cheering on all the other graduates, my heart went out to her. I only wish Alex could have been on that stage along with Kate, and all his other friends, receiving his much-deserved diploma too.

Afterwards, while collecting her diploma in the cafeteria, it wasn't hard to figure out what Kate was thinking! "Come ON Mum! Get this photo op over with! I wanna go HOME!!"

After five years of hard work, diploma in hand!!

And proud Mum, bugging her for one final joint photo, before vacating the Rosedale premises for the last time as a student there! I'm SO happy this phenomenal school entered our lives and very glad I'll get to continue to be a "Rosedale parent" for another two years, while Max (grade 11), completes his high school years. Thank you to Mr. Sketchley and all the teachers who helped guide Kate to this crowning achievement!

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