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He walks!!

October 2/11.

After 40 days of sitting in a wheelchair with two fractured ankles, Kevan is finally on his feet! That was my big surprise when I came to visit him on my usual nightly "Henkell run."

(left to right) - Bob Ablack, Kev, Stan Endersby
Cousin Kevio was sitting in the Bridgepoint cafeteria with two old friends. He didn't have his crutches with him to demonstrate he could get on his feet, but his pals offered to help him up to prove to me he can stand!

I was cheering! Kev is on on the road to recovery! - YAY!!!!!!!!!

Bob is a film/video colourist, but also a drummer, who once played drums with Rough Trade at Grossman's! And Stan, is a singer/songwriter/guitarist. He performed in bands including The Tripp and Livingston's Journey, and also worked with Bob in Just Us, back in the sixties.

Stan Endersby, fourth from left, playing guitar, Bob Ablack on drums in
Just Us.

On the three-minute drive home from Bridgepoint,

made another stop on Broadview Avenue at Riverdale Park,

to practice my "auto-shoot camera skills", (or lack thereof), still looking for that elusive shot with perfect cityscape lighting.

The next day, I tried again for the gold-hewed backlight I'm after. This time, shot on a side street - (Sparkhall Avenue), without the perfectly framed cityscape, but managed to "get the gold"! - Sort of a Close Encounters/alien effect!

Also dropped by the Enviro Day event at Riverdale Park on Saturday to check it out.

It's a very busy community event where people can discard old electronics,

tires, paint cans and household hazardous waste including cleaning supplies or solvents and motor oil.

Lots of people in the neighbourhood found it a great opportunity to safely dispense with a lot of tough-to-get-rid-of items,

It sure was a beautiful day to get outside.

Blue skies, smiling at me. Nothing but blue skies, do I see!

But you could really feel the temperature dropping. Fall is in the air! (I'm still in a bit of a Burton Cummings haze!)

Among the weekend's errands, a stop at Value Village to drop off some clothing. (apparently, they already have a full supply of Halloween costumes now in stock!)

Then over to No Frills for groceries,

where I helped an elderly lady who was having trouble getting her adorable (but rambunctious) little white dog back inside her car! What a cutie!

It's impossible to predict what might suddenly hit me in the heart and make me sad these days. Inside No Frills, caught sight of this lone box of Just Right in the middle of a cereal display. It brought tears to my eyes. Has been almost a year since Mum died. A year ago, I was still buying her boxes of Just Right all the time (her fave), and she was doing fine. Only days later, she passed away. I quickly departed the store in search of light & levity and headed directly for Shoppers Drug Mart,

to buy some makeup and hair colour, (L'Oreal #38!)- which always makes me happier, right?

I was happier still, once the hair colour was DONE!!

That always makes me feel a whole lot better! (doesn't take much to bring a smile to my face, - but tears can hit me just as quickly. I never know when or where!) Sigh.

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