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September 30/11.

In all the Burton Cummings excitement yesterday, didn't get to write some big Kevio news! After 40 days in a wheelchair, my cousin, Kevan Staples, actually took his first few steps using crutches yesterday! (naturally, it had to be on the ONE day I didn't see him!)

Carrie with cousin Kevan

My sister, Carrie came to visit Kev and do the evening's "wine run". He couldn't give Carrie a demonstration of his new skills, because he's only allowed to walk if he has two nurses to help him out. But after some physio, he'll be able to do it on his own. Congrats Kev! You're on the road to recovery.

Carrie's "wine delivery technique" was different from mine. Instead of Henkell on ice in an insulated lunchbag, she brought him a fine Merlot, which could have passed for acai-blueberry-pomegranate vitamin water! Good one Cayr! Cheers Kev! Variety is the spice of life! I'll see you later today. (Be prepared for a "crutches photo op")!!

Meanwhile, Kate and I completed another step in the ongoing "Ryerson wrap-up".

Walkway to the campus

Doorway to the bookstore

We spent about 45 minutes in a massive lineup here a few weeks ago, to return the textbooks she bought, (but now doesn't NEED), only to discover we didn't have the proper paperwork to prove she's no longer a student at Ryerson, so we were refused a reimbursement for her books.

Nearly three weeks after Kate made the decision to pull out of the university to pursue many other interests, we finally got the "release" letter in the mail. We drove BACK to the bookstore to SHOW them the letter so we could get the refund.

But when we got to the cash desk, we were advised the bookstore needed to keep a COPY of this letter (which we were never told). I asked the cashier if he could photo copy it for us, (since they're a university bookstore with plenty of photo copying machines), but he said he couldn't do that and asked us to walk down the street to the copy shop and come back AGAIN with a second copy for him to keep!
Ai yi yi. What a rigmarole. Bureaucracy sucks.

On the way out the door of the bookstore, just steps away, I saw this office! (But since Kate is no longer a student, guess they couldn't make a copy for us)! We would have paid for it! But instead, we went over to the photo copy shop where a kind man made a quick copy and didn't even charge us the 19 cents!

FINALLY, we were able to go back to the bookstore, present the paperwork for them to KEEP, and get a refund of nearly a hundred bucks for the books. (one of the books they refused to take back because it's their policy not to accept used books. This particular book was bought USED).

At this point, I was so steamed! Just HAD it with all the crap, so asked Kate to return the books while I stayed outside to cool down!! Ever since cancer, my level of patience is at an all-time low. I kinda feel like Charlie Sheen when he said, "I'm dealing with fools and trolls."

Or more to the point, (when Charlie was at his craziest) and quipped, "I have one speed. I have one gear. - GO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's ME these days - ONE speed - and everything IN me HATES it when somebody tries to slow me down!! Clear the decks and get OUT OF MY WAY!!!

I think I NEED this shirt!!

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