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June 2/11

Might have some big news later today. (NOT health-related).
As I've said before, coming soon, to a blog site near you!
We'll see how things play out.

In the meantime, what shall I write about?

Sometimes, I have so many ideas for the blog, they're flowing fast & furious, rough, rocky, ready and rapid, into notebooks, on yellow sticky notes, the backs of napkins, old envelopes, scraps of paper flying in a fired-up frenzy all over the frickin' house.

Other times, it's slow, steady, drawn-out and delayed.

Hmmmmm. Sounds like life.

Will get back to you when the urge to write hits and the big news is ready to be revved up, rolled out, revealed and reveled in.

I KNOW you can think of other things to do till then!



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