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May 31/11

Went to a very special performance tonight! My daughter Kate, wrote a complex play called The Prince Spectrum. I saw the first play-reading at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts!

The story focuses on feminism, chivalry and transsexuality. Kate not only wrote it, but had a leading role. I was allowed backstage to take an exclusive shot of the cast, just before showtime! Break a leg gang!

From left to right: Kathleen, Kate, Ben, Cadence, Zoe

All five performers did a fabulous job. Really, just blew me away with their energy, focus and talent.

Got past security and signs to get a picture with the playwright/leading lady! (I know, I'm proud of her! Does it show? - And can you blame me? The kid is awesome!)

Lain & Kate

Mr. Sketchley, the principal, was in the audience (which meant a lot to me), and I hear he thought the play-reading was phenomenal!

Drama teacher, Kim Snider, believes the play is so good, it's ready to be submitted to Buddies in Bad Times and to other queer theatre companies for consideration!

Kate & Damian

Afterwards, Kate was thrilled with the response to the whole event, (and couldn't say enough about her castmates)! She and her boyfriend, Damian walked back to our place, and I left the school feeling so happy and grateful that both of our kids attend such an inspirational, free-spirited high school, where everyone is welcomed with open arms and appreciated for their unique gifts.

Rosedale rules! I fought hard to get Kate & Max into this school - best thing I EVER did as a Mum!

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At June 2, 2011 at 8:01 p.m. , Blogger Camille said...

congrats to everyone! :)


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