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June 1/11

SUCH a fun day for me. Since posting about my blog (and especially about the recent Bob McAdorey entry) to the SOWNY board (The Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV forum), I've been stunned to receive SO many messages from old radio and TV friends sending "get well/good wishes".

Heard from Terry Scott, (ex-CFTR newscaster and currently, Director of Broadcasting for the Canadian Press), my old pal Larry Silver, (ex 'TR newscaster, and now, morning newsman at KFUN in Waterloo, longtime friend, Dan Haber (ex- 'TR, and later, spent many years running the website for CITY TV), Simon Dingley (ex Global TV, now at CBC), Rob Davidson (old pal from CHFI Radio and from Global TV, later, producer at The Discovery Channel), Jim Brady (former morning jock at 'TR, now retired), Linda Boyle (ex-Global, later, scriptwriter at How It's Made, Discovery and Science Channels), Ola Sturik, (ex Global, - who replaced me during my maternity leaves! - then, later, reporter at The Weather Network), Dana Lewis, (ex 'TR, then, later, Fox News, foreign correspondent, London, England), and many others. Sure is heartening to have so many friends out there rooting for me! Thank you EVERYONE. Each time I hear from one of you, it brings back so many fantastic memories. (I'm absolutely JAZZED you are ALL gainfully employed and still doing well in the crazy news biz! - I live vicariously thru you!)

After responding to all these people, I hung out at home for a while, waiting for my sister-in-law, Debbie, to drive to my place from Newmarket and join me for a rare lunch together.

Very windy day! - Hey Deb, I'm finally ready to go!

Though we've been in the same (extended) family for 28 years, and care deeply for each other, we usually only get together at party-style gatherings, where one-on-one time is limited. (plus of course, we yak on Facebook!) But this was different. We walked up to my favourite restaurant, The Friendly Greek on The Danforth. Gorgeous, sunny, warm, blue skies kinda weather. Sat out on the patio for some Greek salad and talked up a storm.

Asked our very attentive waiter to snap the pic for us!

Couldn't help but smile when the flow of conversation was CONSTANTLY interrupted by an unbelievable number of extremely loud garbage trucks, squealing tires, yapping dogs, fire engines/police cars-blaring-sirens, on and on and on! (have to admit, it inspired ALL of the senses, however, couldn't HEAR a damn thing!) - But that's the Danforth for you!

Apart from laughing our heads off throughout most of the two-and-a-half hour "session," I have to say, chatting with Deb was among the most helpful, useful encounters I've had since my diagnosis! She's a very understanding and sympathetic friend who has survived her own share of ups and downs in life, and through her ideas, thoughts and suggestions, was really able to shed some light on, and insights into whatever troubles I tossed her way. Maybe she should become a therapist!

Talking things out on the blog is one thing, but real human response and compassion is a whole different ballgame. Thanks Debbie, for making the trek to T.O. and for hanging out with me! It was a blast.

Afterwards, had to head to Gerrard Square for groceries and then tried to find something to wear for a Bat Mitzvah we're invited to this weekend. I ask you, how is one expected to dress for such a classy family luncheon function? I've never really known! Hit about five clothing stores. Didn't like ANYTHING ! - all frumpy, dumpy, stodgy and "Wilma Flinstone-ish". Good grief and frickin' yikes, - ai yi yi and Ai Carumba!

Ended up in Winners and finally found ONE - (and ONLY one), possibility. It's nothing like anything I've ever owned before, but I'll give it a shot, what the hell? Will post a pic, (if I get up my nerve). It's kind of a bizarre dress. Whatever.

On the flip side, (thank goodness), threw "Wilma Flintstone-caution-to-the-wind!" Tracked down a couple of much HOTTER items. (No, not at Zellers!) Believe it or not, they DO have a sizzling, sexy La Senza at Gerrard Square! Lots of vixenish, vampy, "va-va-voom-luscious", lascivious, lustful, lacy lingerie! - (Oh, really? - Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn! - Could it possibly be, you weren't aware, - breast cancer can actually inspire and release the wildcat in a woman??? - Well lemme tell you, (drum roll please), - it CAN, - and now, you KNOW!!) - But don't go looking for pics!

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