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May 26/11

"Date night with Dean" was an absolute blast! Dean Rogers is a man who makes things happen. He does it ALL THE TIME. And every once in a while, he makes things happen for ME!

Hanging with my high school pal, Dean, at Yonge & Eglinton, outside Absolute Comedy Knight Out!

As one of the organizers for the Northern Secondary School Foundation's Absolute Comedy Knight Out, he helped orchestrate an evening of fun, food and fantastic entertainment at 2335 Yonge Street (former location of the uptown Yuk Yuk's).

Had a wonderful few hours talking about everything under the sun with Dean and two other terrific seatmates (whom I'd never met before) - Penny and Steve, at a ringside table. (Penny is a Northern graduate, same as me, - although, technically, I didn't ever really graduate - just kinda "coasted" into college). We all enjoyed a delectable buffet dinner and some great conversation. I chose to take the TTC to the venue at rush hour (which was trippy). I NEVER drink and drive - not even one sip. I was the only "lush" at the table, enjoying a rare, straight-up, ice-cold vodka martini with 3 olives - (shaken, not stirred, I THINK!) - SO good!, and later, some crisp, chilled Pinot Grigio. (gotta treat yourself once in a while, right?)

Immediately after the show, wanted to take pics with the stars for the blog, so rushed off to catch them, but in doing so, missed the opportunity to say goodbye to my new friends. Hope they'll forgive me and see this online! - Penny & Steve - SO great to meet you both! Thanks for all the inspiration and - here's to nostalgia! (Steve has come through TWO hip replacements and was kind enough to share some of his insights with me into the nature of surgery, the camaraderie at hospitals and the reasons why reflecting so much on the past may NOT be quite as bad as I think!)

The comedy show was emceed by the adorable and hilarious young Darryl Purvis from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. As a lifelong standup comedy fanatic, I was in heaven just watching him in action. He's the kind of guy who can make you forget your troubles, - just sit back and marvel at his ability to roll with the punches, go with the flow and have fun with the crowd, no matter what convoluted line is tossed his way. One of his opening stories, about moving to Toronto, landing in a place on Bloor Street just opposite the Brunswick House on Halloween was worth the price of admission alone!

Meeting the terrific Darryl Purvis! - Big things will happen for him!

Next, heard from Steve Scholtz, who had me in hysterics, especially in a bit about his inability to see without glasses. ("Is that a mugger I see, or a patchwork quilt??" - I can relate!)

Steve Scholtz - Very funny!

Then MORE entertainment from Matt O'Brien, a real doll with twinkling eyes. (reminded me of a young Al Pacino, but with wilder hair!) He got me laughing about life in Toronto and his advice to keep your head down and never look anyone in the eyes when you walk the streets. He quipped, "I looked up once and a guy told me to calm down!"

Don't want to spoil his other material, but have to say, his take on, "The best nights of your life are unplanned," was beautiful. I'll remember it the next time I run into a barrel of marbles in a parking lot! (guess you hadda BE there!)

Matt O'Brien - captivating!

Another young comedienne on the bill - Keesha Brownie. Great performance, but wish I could have seen more!

Keesha Brownie - Cute and edgy

Last, (but definitely not least) - headliner Doug Funk! When he first walked on stage, thought he was a Craig Ferguson "lookalike", but he's VERY different. Extremely engaging and phenomenally talented, he covered SO many topics, had amazing interaction with the audience, - (especially the beautiful - SaraHHHHH), and talked about learning and how we can ALL learn something wild and new every day. Loved it when he stopped the whole act to say, "I went TOO fast, TOO furious - don't feel like telling jokes anymore!" (but he did!)

I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen Doug perform live before, considering the many years he's been an entertainer, but I immediately bought his CD, (which he so kindly wanted to give me for free, but I insisted on buying it!) See him LIVE! Can't wait to listen to the disc in my car. Kate & Max will love it!

How could you NOT flip for this guy?? - I mean REALLY!

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Have always had a thing about eyes. I don't know Doug at ALL, but he has SO much "flashing" (well, you know what I mean!) - directly at you from those eyes on stage. Humour, (of course!), but also strength, emotion, pathos, understanding, sarcasm, - EVERYTHING. You name it.

So Dean, my friend, all I can say to you is - THANK YOU for a fabulous evening and for walking me to the subway! Ever the gentleman and always the best host!

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At May 27, 2011 at 12:07 p.m. , Anonymous Carrie said...

Wow. Sounds like a great night. Thanks Dean for showing Lainey a good time! And thanks Lainey for sharing it with us.


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