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Going all Sheeny!

April 14/11

Charlie Sheen is in town to perform tonight!
A lovely friend gave me a fabulous gift of a black "Sheen shirt" with his picture plastered on it and the massive word - WINNING! (my new philosophy for getting through all this crap).

I'm going out for a while now, so think I'll change into it and check out the kind of reaction it gets! EPIC WINNING!

Hope the Canuck crowd is kind to Charlie. They'd BETTER be. We all know what can happen if he goes all Sheeny on them! Yikes!

Lain goes Sheeny!

Later - seems Charlie got mixed reviews. Come on people. He MUST have been entertaining! "One speed, one gear - GO"!!!!

"I'm Batman!"

"Poof! - You're a gadfly!"

Sheen sends up HIMSELF! Simply hilarious!

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