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Stop this Train! (not)

November 17/11.

Good grief, I'm blog-bedraggled, belated and behind! How'd THAT happen?
It's like a couple of days suddenly just dropped out of my life. - No way to get them back, - except to write!

And to top it off, Friday is Regis Philbin's LAST day on LIVE! - after 28 and a half years! - WHAT?? I don't know about KELLY, but I'M outta con-TROL!!!! (actually, to tell the truth, was addicted to the show for years in the Kathie Lee days, but haven't watched in a long time. Still, was always good to know he was there if I needed a Regis fix)! - Now, at age 80, Reege is clearing the deck for Jerry Seinfeld, who's scheduled to fill in as guest host for a couple of days next week. After that, who knows?

Unless they bring in Howard Stern as co-host, doubt I'll be watching.

(Please don't let it be Kelly's hubby, Mark Consuelos. The man bores me to tears - Gak)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (as my old Seneca College professor Mike Monty always used to say when we got off track), - let's wrap up Auntie Ray's 92nd birthday bash at our place!

We all had a blast celebrating the wonder that is Ray! Here's the diningroom table, done up with lace tablecloth, tealights (love them!), plates, fancy wine goblets, (inherited from Mum), a gorgeous arrangement of flowers brought by Mary Spence-Thomas for Ray, and some sweet, bright, colourful flowers she brought for US!

Working in the kitchen, waiting for dinner to be delivered. (no cooking tonight!! Yay)!

The chinese food arrived just after 6, from Pearl Court for a dozen guests. Wow!

Then, the parade of friends and relatives. Seen here? (left to right) Mary, Carrie, Auntie Ray, Kev behind Ray, Max and Paul behind Kev. Come on in! The gang's all here!

The birthday girl with her beloved son, Kev. Funny, how their colours match so perfectly! She raised him right!

My daughter, Kate (in yellow), son, Max and his girlfriend, Robyn, enjoying the buffet at the diningroom table.

Cute couple!

The delectable dessert table, complete with Auntie Ray's lifelong fave - a massive, decadent cake with plenty of pink icing!!

I can testify to the fact that it was VERY good!!! (As for the fresh fruit salad? I made it).

Kate, Carrie and Kev watch as Auntie Ray blows out her candles.

Mary, Robyn, Paul & Sam watch from the other side!

Auntie Ray, determined to blow out the candles, 9 + 2, = 92!!

Kate shows off some of her artwork to lifelong artist, Auntie Ray, (who was impressed).

One of Carrie's gifts to Auntie Ray was this thing-a-ma-jig that you can draw on, like an Etch-a-Sketch.

The picture remains on the screen for about a minute, but then, disappears. This is what Ray drew.

Artist Paul tries HIS hand at the art gizmo. Nice work!

Meanwhile, Kev's card to his Mum made me laugh. Martinis are one of my faves.
The INSIDE of the card was just as funny,

as Auntie Ray is a HUGE
Johnny Depp fan! - (who ISN'T??)

My kids, Max & Kate, provided some musical entertainment, including their incredible version of Stop This Train, which makes me cry, every time.

Kevan, ("Mr. Rough Trade") is a huge fan of Kate & Max's music.
He's helped both of them in many ways with his support, ideas and encouragement. Means the world to me.

(and to Kate & Max).

Carrie and her boyfriend, Paul, are also big supporters!

Love this shot of my son, Max. SO cute! And what a guitarist!

As for Robyn? (perhaps Max's BIGGEST fan)! - Gorgeous! Talented! Sweet! (what's not to like)??

And Tru? You might not be able to tell from her expression here, but she LOVES company in the house! The more the merrier!

Overall, I was extremely happy with the party! SO much fun. I have an amazing family! (why does this outfit make me want to pour a big glass of Welch's grape juice??)

And Auntie Ray? As you see, was in her glory!

OK! - Cut! Print! Moving on!

The NEXT night, my sister, Carrie,
arranged something special for us.

She got five fab tickets to attend the unbelievably terrific production of Two Pianos, Four Hands at the Panasonic Theatre in the Bloor/Yonge area.

She and her son, Lee, plus me and my kids, Kate & Max, got together for a delicious dinner at Focaccia before the show. Yes, the food was important.

But so were the drinks! - Carrie with her Caesar, and I with my Martini, -soon led us to know we had nothing to dread!

Our waiter (the ONLY server in the entire restaurant), was LARRY. I introduced LARRY to CARRIE when she arrived, and then, to Lee, (whom he called, "SIR Lee" for the rest of the evening). Larry turned out to be not only a great waiter, but also, a very funny entertainer! - Comedy reigns supreme, ALWAYS, in MY book!

Sadly, the "Larry-photo" had a bit too much red-eye, - (and HE wasn't even DRINKING)!

Onward! - A very brief walk from the restaurant to The Panasonic.

ANY night out with my kids, is a good one. But this one, was spectacular! All music, all the time. As musicians themselves, they appreciated every second.

Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt - Ab Fab!!!!

Carrie couldn't resist a Häagen-Dazs on a stick at intermission! (Lee, the athelete, had water).

All in all? A night which FLOODED my memory with thoughts of the unforgettable musicians in our family. And yep. Brought tears to my eyes. Cayr, thank you, for pulling this off. We won't forget it!

Weird, but the ceiling of the Panasonic is covered in tiny screens! Coolio!
Good tymz!
Next up??????????????
You got it!
Fabulous Friiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
(Bring it on)!

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