Lain's Log


July 4/11.

For the last week or two, Intensity Entity has let me alone a bit and allowed me to at least breathe, (except for an insane desire to listen to loud music - mostly Bryn, every day in the car), but it hasn't been quite so raging and OUTTA CONTROL, (thank you Regis), until today.

The radiation appointment this afternoon has me really scared, my heart is racing a mile a minute and I'm shaking, - and in the midst of all that, is knowing that Carrie is up at Mum's house, dealing with the Furniture Bank guys and saying goodbye to all of Mum's things, and I'm not there! She'll take pictures for the blog, but I want to be there too. (Somebody clone me quick).

"Lain, you're OUTTTA CONTROL!!! - Get a grip!"

Here I go again with fear of the unknown. I really need to breathe here.

Bryn Christopher, where are you?

"Right here, waitin' for you Lain. When you leave for the hospital, just hit play and I'll sing REALLY loud - whatever song you like!"

OK Bryn. Thanks. It's a date.

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