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July 4/11.

Let's see. What was the most important thing that happened on Sunday? - I got to hold my tiny baby cousin, Sienna! Wow! She is the first new baby in our family for over 16 years and she's the granddaughter of my first cousin, Kevan, ("Mr. Rough Trade") and his beautiful wife, my cousin-in-law, Marilyn. Sienna is also the daughter of the stunning Sacha and her partner, Mark! - (so is it any wonder she is gorgeous? - even when asleep?) She's the sweetest! Thanks for letting me come to see her - AND you!

Welcome Sienna! - (Just LOOK at that teeny little tootser sticking out!)

Turning to the Hidey Hole, - "the days dwindle down to a precious few", (as Sinatra sings). Carrie & I decided to drive over to visit Auntie Ray and have lunch with her at the seniors condo. (They have great food!)

We asked designer Ray if she'd like to come with us to Mum's place so she could have the chance to say a final fond farewell to her sister's house before we leave it behind forever. She took us up on the offer.

Auntie Ray on the livingroom couch she helped pick out when Mum was redecorating, years ago)

And clowning with Carrie while checking out a print in Mum's bedroom!

Auntie Ray let me try on her pink sunglasses to match my pink shirt! (I'm holding on to the front paw of one of Mum's favourite bears!)

Carrie gave Ray the painting by "Everetto", (her late husband, - and our beloved Uncle Ev). He went through this Everetto stage in 1975. Even RAY couldn't identify the master artist Ev was trying to pay homage to with this Madonna and child canvas! - (And note, Ray didn't want the baby to reveal too much!)

Auntie Ray also inherited some stuffed animals from my nephew, Lee's old collection - a tiger and a raccoon!

After hundreds of visits to Mum's house over 30 years (and decorating every inch of the place), this is the last time Auntie Ray will stand on the front porch. Carrie & I thank you so much, Auntie Ray, for everything you did for Mum!

I drove her back to the condo where the new critters promptly seemed right at home!

While I took Auntie Ray home, Carrie stayed to finish some cleaning up at Mum's and to snap some final photos at her house. She was surprised when she looked out on the back deck and saw a very unusual, half-white dove (never seen before) on the railing! - Since Mum loved birds so much, we continually wonder if she somehow inhabits certain birds!

Monday? - Carrie will await the furniture bank folks who will take the last of her belongings and I'll be at Princess Margaret Hospital for some kind of unexplained appointment.

Might even get the tattoos on my breast in preparation for radiation. (Rock on!!) Will keep you posted!

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