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July 5/11.

My house is a complete disaster zone. Looks like a cyclone hit or something. Today is a big moving day. We're inheriting new bamboo shelving units from Mum's place, as well as a piano, so it took hours to clear off the old shelves, temporarily put everything someplace else and move furniture every which way but loose to clear a path for the piano. Gak.

I'm kinda shaky today after all the medical stuff yesterday and then all the physical labour, (plus knowing we are down to only two days before closing and leaving Mum's house forever). Heart continues to race...(yes, Regis), - "outta CONTROL!!"

Seemed like it took about a hundred trips back and forth to clear the shelves. (later today, will put it all BACK again on NEW shelves!) - One friend of mine asked if I got the candelabra from Liberace! - Nope. Came from Mum's place too!

Everything is everywhere, and nothing where it should be!

What the heck is THIS, and why is it HERE?

Add to the mix the fact that Max and his girlfriend, Robyn are celebrating their four month anniversary in the midst of this mess! (welcome to MY world Robyn!)

Meanwhile, up at the hidey hole yesterday, Carrie supervised the work of the amazing Furniture Bank.

Bausenais & Stan did all the heavy lifting! Thanks guys!
Goodbye to Mum's couch!
And to her favourite piece of furniture - her coffee table!

And Carrie told me she only lost it when she saw the bed leave the house.

When everything was done, all that was left in Mum's bedroom was the lighting fixture and her old parasol. (and Carrie!)

See you there at noon Cayr, and we'll supervise the moving of the shelving units and the piano. Maybe soon, it will all be done! (In the meantime, continuing to tell myself to breathe). This is one wild and crazy week.

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