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June 29/11

(***note: New update at this end of this entry)

Quite a good day! Not only did we get word that the house deal is finally, officially a go, but I also heard that one of my favourite singers ever, Don Francks, is playing a rare gig tonight at Dominion on Queen, just a few minutes from my house!




I first discovered Don in 1968 when he starred in Finian's Rainbow (directed by Francis Ford Coppola). Don sang Old Devil Moon to Petula Clark while lying out in a field under the moonlight. That was hot! (I'm pretty sure he'll do that song tonight - Hope so anyway! - Don is now 79-years-old and sings better than ever!)

My old friend, Jaymz Bee (broadcaster at 91.1 Jazz FM), has invited me to join him at his table up front with some friends.

Thanks Jaymz! Can't wait to see you!

"Can't wait to be SEEN!!"

Jaymz is also a longtime Francks fan and has interviewed him numerous times. (as have I!)

Hope to get pics tonight with Don and Jaymz for the blog!

Have a good day everyone. (I know I will!!)


***Update - 6 p.m.

Back from a busy afternoon at Mum's - in & out of tears a lot. (what else is new?) Carrie and I spent much time cancelling various services for Mum's place. Each time we hung up the phone it was like one more loss. Everything shutting down before the final farewell.

Taking a break out on the back porch in between tears today. Only a week left and the Hidey Hole will be history.

Still, - really looking forward to tonight - doing something for myself - Don Francks! And Jaymz. Between the two of them, they should make me forget about pain (of all kinds) for the evening! Will write an update later!

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At June 29, 2011 at 2:47 p.m. , Blogger Camille said...

congrats on the sale of the house - now officially a done deal. i know it comes with mixed emotions (my own parents' home, which was built by my grand-father, and where my mother was born and ultimately passed away, was sold last year), but i have faith in this new chapter in all of your lives. good luck and take care!

At June 29, 2011 at 5:58 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Thank you Camille!
Kind of you to comment. You are so right about this being a new chapter. Sadly, I really don't want to close the book on this current chapter! Sob. Not ready yet. But I guess I HAVE to be. July 7th is coming soon. Really sorry about your Mum and what you've been through too. But maybe if you can do it, so can I. (heavy stress on maybe). Crying here even as I write. Carrie & I are going to "attempt" to do our first "video" blog entry on the final day at Mum's, if we can choke thru it!! Cheers! Elaine


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