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June 30/11

This will likely sound very bad, but for SO long, it seems I've been doing what I can for everybody else. Maybe it's time for ME baby! - (LOOKOUT!!)

Tonight, stopped crying over the sale of Mum's house, threw caution to the wind and did something special that I wanted to do! - (with the help of the beyond-phenomenal Jaymz Bee of 91.1 Jazz FM, my favourite radio host, and the incredible performer Don Francks! - On the same bill! - TOGETHER! - What a combo!)

Two of my favourite men - Jaymz Bee & Don Francks!

Jaymz was hosting the Dominion on Queen event and asked me to join him at his up-front table with some other special friends. (thank you Jaymz. You have NOOOOOOOOOOO idea how much I needed this!) And how do you think I felt when you introduced me to Don as your "hot date!?!" - (haven't heard THAT expression in a while!) Wow.

Jaymz told me I looked "angelic". - (Ya, OK, I know only too well, he's EXTREMELY skilled in the art of flattery, - it's his special gift, - but I fell for it anyway! - What the hell, right?? - I'll pay you back now - You're an absolute doll Jaymz! - How's that?)

Will now put in a message here about my amazing husband, Sam, who generously offered to DRIVE me to Dominion on Queen, (so I could have some wine without worrying about driving home), then, snapped my photo out front, and left, feeling no qualms...(I don't THINK)...about leaving me in the capable hands of Jaymz & Don! Thank you Sam. You are unlike any man I have ever known!

I've adored Don Francks since I first saw him in the movie Finian's Rainbow, (43 years ago). As My Uncle Ev always said about me, "Once you're in with Lainey, you're in for LIFE!" - It's true!

I'm not heaping false praise on Don. He is truly a Canadian legend. Everyone at Dominion on Queen agreed!

When I arrived at the venue, discovered that the other front table was reserved by Mr. Doug Cole! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Doug was the owner of George's Spaghetti House, (the TOP jazz club back in the '70's) I was in LOVE with the place and hung out there to see Moe Koffman and all the other great jazz bands at the time.

Don Francks insisted on dedicating his show to Doug Cole, saying, "You gave me a place to romp and play - many times!"

Carrie & I were great friends with Doug's two sons, Kenny and Jeff. I just about freaked to see they were ALL at the next table to us. Haven't seen them in decades, and yet, they remembered me as much as I remembered them, and they immediately asked about Carrie!

(left to right) - Our childhood friend, Kenny Cole, me, the infamous "Mr." Doug Cole, (of George's Spaghetti House), Jeff Cole (our OTHER memorable teen friend), & his wife of 28 years, - Chris

Hard to believe, but the musicians included Alex Dean, saxman extradorinaire, (whom I also knew when we were teens). He is the most incredible player. Between sets, I asked him what word he would use to describe "The Don Experience", after decades together. His response? -"Respect!"

MY word for Don? - unpredictable!! Alex agreed, saying, "With Don, - I don't know what's going on from minute to minute!"

The other performers tonight, - composer/arranger/conductor Steve Hunter (piano), Scott Alexander (bass) and Brian Barlow (drums). All fabulous! (I have SO missed jazz musicians in my life!) It was great to watch Don during all his band mates' solos. He seems more interested in THEIR performances than he is in his OWN. (As Alex told me about Don, he has a great respect for other musicians).

Don, ever-barefoot, always the rebel bandana around his head, those sparkling, twinkle-in-the-eye baby blues, - and he tops it all off with that powerful, edgy, crystal clear, emotionally-charged voice! As YOU would say Don, "My nerves have gone to pieces! - Play Misty for me! - And call the fire department!"

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