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Bob McAdorey

May 30/11

I was thinking the other day about middle-aged ladies who are "cougars." I suddenly realized, I'm the least cougar-like woman I know! (One day, while watching The View, I heard Barbara Walters ask, "What's a cougar?" Oh, Come on now Barbara, get with it! But just in case anyone doesn't know, - it's an older woman who seeks out or prefers relationships with younger men, OK?)

ALL the men I love, am crazy about or feel passion for are over 55 or more! Sure, I can appreciate a gorgeous young face, but what's up with the older guy thing? I think it's that they've hit their stride, (sometimes) mellowed, found their course, their direction, understand things about the world, are more relaxed and just generally "get it." (maybe not always, but often).

Although I'm in this age range myself, I have to discount myself from this "stable mode", (as I'm currently falling apart at the seams), but I hope to get it together one of these days.

Even when I was younger, I appreciated older guys. - About to hit you with my best example now, and it's my pleasure to talk about him!

For 18 wild years, I had the good fortune of working with Bob McAdorey at Global Television. He passed away in February, 2005, but he's always with me.

When I joined Global in 1984, (I was 28), - Bob was 49 and in his glory! He was known as one of the "Three Nice Guys" of the News at Noon. (along with John Dawe and Mike Anscombe).

Having no experience in TV, I was a nervous wreck, but little did I know, I'd be learning from the best! With the help of all three "nice guys", I was given the chance to learn how to anchor the entertainment segment from time to time and it was always a blast. Some people say, looking back on their career, they realize now they didn't appreciate what they had. I knew EXACTLY what I had - my dream job, and I appreciated every deadline- driven minute of it. The excitement and adrenaline kick of that high stress was absolutely mind-blowing and thrilling.

Within a very short time, I developed a major crush on Bob. I didn't even actually realize it at first. I just knew I liked being around him and helping him get crazy ideas onto the air. (mostly, that job fell to producers Kim Gertler, Leslie Elston and Bonnie Laufer Krebs, but I did what I could, and in the later years, after a lot of job shuffling at the station, I became more of an assistant to him). In watching him every day, his on-air appeal seemed to have no bounds. He would do anything and loved to shock the viewers (and all of us who worked with him too!)

It was Bob's daughter, Colleen (who worked in the news library), who first recognized and told me I had a crush on her Dad, and then, I had to admit it! How could I NOT have "crushed" on the man? He was so irreverent, quick on the draw and witty. Humour has always been at the top of my hit list and Bob was hysterically funny. I once told him, if it's true that laughter is the best medicine, then I should be the healthiest person on the planet just from working with him. (guess I haven't been laughing enough THESE days, eh?)

Happy days with Bob! Wearing a pregnancy top - expecting, (but not by Bob!) - You can see the celeb photos I put up at my desk behind me

Sometimes, I attended events as "Bob's date." Really just a friend or escort, but we always had fun together.

Party time with all the girls! (left to right), Ola, Vicki, Bonnie, Elaine, (NEXT to Bob, of course!), Bob, Irene

As great as it was to work with him, he could also be exasperating. He was moody, tempermental and hit high points of anger in a flash, (though they usually subsided just as quickly). I learned to swear from Bob, which I KNOW is the reason swearing doesn't bother me in the least to this day. I hardly notice it at all, (thanks to him). In fact, when I changed jobs and went to work at Tribute (the movie magazine), I couldn't understand the politeness. Then one day, I overheard a website guy next door to my office, screaming obscenities into the phone. After he hung up, he came over to apologize to me. I thanked him for the tirade and told him I FINALLY felt at home! (he didn't get it).

One day, it was announced that our entertainment co-worker Rob Davidson, (an old pal of mine from radio days), was leaving the department to handle the business show. I was broken-hearted and gave Rob a farewell card and a good luck hug for the new venture. Of course, I was taking pictures (as always). Bob wasn't Rob's biggest supporter (they clashed a bit), so when he saw me taking photos, Bob insisted on staging a mock cry-fest for Rob - right in his presence!

Bob whimpers over Rob Davidson's sad departure from entertainment

Meanwhile, my buddy Rob, took the whole thing in stride!

Years after joining Global, the station launched Entertainment Desk, a half-hour daily live show featuring Bob as host. All of us played a role in pulling the show together (especially Bonnie Laufer Krebs, whom Bob nicknamed "Bulldog Bonnie" due to her tenacity when it came to nabbing good guests for the show!)

I did daily reports for the show, and appeared weekly with Bob to talk daytime drama on my "Soap Chat" segments - Those were the days!

Bob LOVED doing Ent Desk and talking to all the celebs, like Carole Pope of Rough Trade!

And Jerry Mathers as "The Beav!"

Bob with actor/singer Robert Morse

Burton Cummings was always a HUGE McAdorey fan because of Bob's many years as a radio DJ with CHUM!

Once, I went with Bob to Disney World in Florida to cover some big events there. We all had on site hotel rooms. Here, producer John McKenna and I rigged up a makeshift "studio" in Bob's room, using a mattress against a wall as a "sound baffle"! What a laugh!

At one point, Bob had to undergo eye surgery. He shocked us all when he said it had been "botched" and he was forced to take time off to recuperate and had to wear an eyepatch. We all felt horrible for him. I had no idea that due to his absence, I would get the chance to take over the hosting duties on Ent Desk for nine months! I missed Bob so much, but at the same time, it was a baptism by fire in learning about doing LIVE TV!

Hosting Entertainment Desk - What an opportunity!

Interviewing Timothy Dalton

In between all the work, there were always parties!

Another bash with Bob! - top row, Marion Graham, husband Brian, me, Rick Dade, Bob, front row, Stephanie Rogers, Frank Mahon, Steffi Black

When Bob wasn't at work, he liked to spend time at his house in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I remember visiting there when he had the black patch on his eye. He missed doing his job, but adored that house.

I was asked to speak at Bob's funeral in 2005. I had left Global (in part, due to suffering panic attacks when I had to go live on the air), so the thought of speaking in public, terrorized me. But I was honoured to be given the chance to sing his praises, and with enough beta blockers in me, I was able to do it.

John Dawe drove me to the service and practically had to push me up the aisle to the podium. After a deep breath, I spoke to the crowd about my special relationship with Bob. I told everyone about the time I'd had a fight with my husband and was crying in the office. When Bob heard what the problem was, he went out and bought me a card. He gave it to me, and inside, it said, "Forget HIM. I LOVE YOU!!"

On my 40th birthday he gave me a cane decorated in flowers! (I still have it). I paid him back on his 64th birthday by lugging in a boom box, waiting for him to walk in the office and then blasting him with The Beatles' - "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64!" (he hated birthdays)

One Christmas, I baked him a fruitcake. (I was nuts). The cake turned out like a brick. He laughed when I gave it to him and put it on the floor to use as a door stop!

The last time I heard from him was in the form of a pretty, floral Valentine that showed up in my mailbox. I opened up the card and the message he had carefully written said, "I love you so much I can't shit."
To this day, my most memorable Valentine ever. I bring it out every February 14th as a "decoration" for my dining table.

Bob had a lot of sadness in his life. I always wondered how he could put it behind him enough to make others laugh, when he was suffering so much pain. But he did it. There was never a day I didn't love him.

I ended my speech at his funeral by saying, "Every Friday night after work, the two of us would sit in the entertainment office together to wind down after a wild week. We rarely talked about movies or stars, but mostly about food, recipes, his MG, the good old radio days at CHUM, children and grandchildren. Those things were most important to him and made his life worth living. Bob certainly brought a lot of happiness, light and laughter into my life, and I'll never forget him."

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At May 31, 2011 at 2:09 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Elaine,

I went right to your blog after seeing your post on the Southern Ontario Radio Forum.

I watched you , Bob McAdorey, Mike Anscombe and John Dawe on a regular basis back in the 80's, truly my favorite news/entertainment team off all time.

Sad to hear of your cancer news but I wish you all the best, I'm sure everything will turn out well for you and your family.

Take care.

At May 31, 2011 at 11:10 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Thank you! Wish I knew your name! Very kind of you to post this message. The best right back at 'ya!

At June 1, 2011 at 9:13 a.m. , Anonymous Nancy Anne Johnson said...

Hi Elaine:

Inspirational friendships are very rare, but sometimes when we are suffering eternally with confusion, pain or just need a little reassurance, that special someone enters our life who's personality shines brighter than sunshine. Bob McAdorey, was just that kind of guy, you either loved him or hated him, but he brought "his true self" to his viewing audience everyday. He was a master at humour and I loved his stories.

I remember traveling to the Global Studio on the TTC to attend a taping of a very short lived live soap show, featuring different stars from DOOL and the still popular today Y&R. How proud I was to be chosen from the studio audience to ask a question of the three stars from DOOL. That day was memorable for me, not only meeting Bob and shaking his hand, the stars, but because I was suffering so much pain and discomfort from various medications. I was severely bloated and appeared as though I had swallowed an inflatable pool. My beloved husband Wayne has since passed away and my journey continues onward.

Elaine, I've often wondered where John Dawe and Mike Anscombe are today. Have you heard from either one. This piece brought so many memories back to me. Bob McAdorey was truly a fixture at Global TV.

Thank you Elaine for sharing those quality moments with Bob.

Nancy Anne Johnson

At June 1, 2011 at 10:33 a.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Thanks for this lovely message and memories Nancy! Very kind of you to write. I remember those soap shows very well. Covering the soaps was one of my favourite parts of the job. Too bad soaps are dropping like flies these days.
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband, Wayne. -- As for John and Mike, I'm not actually sure where they are anymore or what they do. I think John may have retired. I loved working with them too. They helped me so much. What a time we all had at Global back then.
I wish you the best!

At July 11, 2011 at 10:54 p.m. , Anonymous Deb Ellis said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about Bob McAdorey. I came across a You Tube about Andre Philippe Gagnon and there was a brief flash of a news show with Bob on it. It got me thinking about this familiar face and I googled him to see what I could find out and that search brought me here.

It was very heartwarming to hear your recollections of your relationship with him and working at Global together. It is a very nice tribute to him. I only knew what I saw on tv and found him to be warm and funny. He had a very friendly demeanor. I can't believe he's been gone so long already. I found it very interesting reading about your experiences in the tv news business.

My dad worked as a photographer for 45 years for the Toronto Star. So, I know about the news business from a different perspective. I love hearing stories of the celebs he has met and we have many photos as reminders.

I read somewhere else that you had a crush on Bobby Sherman. lol...I thought I was alone in that! Most people I talk to don't even know who he was...gasp!! I still have my record albums and I went to see him when he performed at the CNE. sigh. I think we could be kindred spirits in that regard! To my disappointment, Dad never photographed Bobby! (& I missed a chance to see the Beatles when he did photograph them! ...sigh again.)

I'm so sorry to hear of your cancer battle. I'm praying for all the best, as you deal with all that entails. You too have been a familiar, friendly face in our living room through the years. It's interesting when you watch tv, how much a part of the "family" the people you see often seem to become. You may not know us, but there are many more like me... who feel they "know" you somewhat. And like me, I'm sure they are all hoping and praying for the best outcome for you. Anyways, thanks for the blog. It's been an interesting read so far and I'll continue to "catch up" with your other posts.

Keep smiling...

At September 16, 2011 at 11:03 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

Through the magic of Facebook, I came across your blog after following a friend's link to a PR website. You commented on a post and I wondered if this was the same Elaine Loring with the sweet smile who reported on soaps and entertainment while I watched Y&R with my dear Ma.

I'm also very sorry to hear about your battle with cancer and I have absolute faith that you will fight this with everything you have. Clearly you have family and friends who are in your corner. Please know that you also have complete strangers who remember your beautiful face as you reported on stories that made us forget about the daily challenges of life. This post about Bob McAdorey was so funny and insightful. Your crush on his was too cute.

I will check in to see how you are doing. Lots of love and best wishes to you!



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