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Just a "regular" day

May 29/11.

Hangin' in a holding pattern, waiting for the *#*# to hit the fan. (as usual). Took off in my car - (love my blue Subaru and driving. It represents - FREEDOM! Anybody wanna hitch a ride with me? - Let's GO! - NOW!) Going to pick up my Mum-in-law for some grocery shopping. I've been neglecting my duties as a daughter-in-law a lot since my own troubles. Miss seeing my parents-in-law as often as I used to. They are amazing, loving and always there for me.

Don'tcha love it when your clothes match the car? Ya, I planned it. (not!)

My daughter, Kate, is a much better model than I am. She knows all the moves!

Drove to Lawrence & Bathurst to pick up "Mum B" and went to Metro at Lawrence Plaza (where I have spent countless hours in the past, buying things for my Mum. Those check-out clerks know me well!) As usual, my Mum-in-law is ever-generous. She bought me some rye bread for the family plus presented me with a big box of Dunn's famous frozen smoked meat she picked up at COSTCO. (ever tried it? - REALLY good!)

Best parents-in-law in the universe, - Ben & Jean Bornstein!

I got some fresh raspberries and strawberries at Metro because Max's girlfriend, Robyn, is coming for dinner. Sam bought chicken skewers at St. Lawrence Market and is barbequing on the deck. Let's see, what else to serve? Rice? Potatoes? Salad? Not sure yet.

After leaving my parents-in-law's place, drove a couple of blocks over to Mum's old house. Collected the mail and flyers and just looked at that pretty little property. She's not there anymore. Once it goes on the market, it will be bulldozed to build a monster home. I'll miss seeing it, but I have to remember how well it served her for so many years. All the fantastic memories - in my brain - forever.

Before driving away from the house, turned back to look, only wishing Mum was standing there in the doorway, waving goodbye to me, as she ALWAYS did. Where ever you are Mum, I love you.

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