Lain's Log

Wrapping up the year

December 31/11.

The last two days sped by too quickly.

So much to do, so little time. (what else is new?) My son, Max, took this shot (wearing my favourite Christmas gift - my new coat and scarf, from Sam). - Actually, I picked it out and TOLD him it was his gift to me this year and he agreed!  I was heading out to finish the last errands of the year. In a way, can't really believe I actually survived 2011, which was the most challenging and saddest of my life. Strangely though, there were many unbelievable highs thrown in for good measure, and I'm thankful for all those who made them happen. (I will write about you in the next entry).

In the past two days, hit The Bay,

drove by the old house we bought 20 years ago at Dundas & DeGrassi and wondered who lives there now,

made it by car to a far off hotel - (courtesy of Bossy GPS woman) for a Christmas spa session, courtesy of a friend. (Had a facial exfoliation & mask. - Sorry, NO pics!  NOT a pretty sight!) But as Jerry Lewis
says in The Nutty Professor,

"Oh, THAT'S invigorating!" Felt GREAT afterwards! Was a blast of a day.

Later, off to the local mall, Gerrard Square.

and the ever-exciting Food Basics store. The shopping trip was made more bearable at the front cash in a long lineup when a nice man behind me offered to help pick up my pile of groceries from the floor. (I didn't get a basket and boy, were my arms tired!)

He took this pic for me. Then I turned the camera on HIM!

Jamie Laidlaw was buying a frozen pizza for dinner and was surprised to learn he would soon be part of a personal experience blog! He was even MORE surprised when a cashier came over to me and said she recognized me from the Global TV days. (I was kinda stunned too, since I left Global 9 years ago)! Gave Jamie the blog address so he can check it out. (always nice to have a new reader!) Thanks for your help at the store! I told Jamie, writing a blog makes everything more interesting. Always looking for an angle, no matter how weird. (even a frozen pizza!)

Next, on to the LCBO to stock up for New Year's Eve!

Kate (here with boyfriend, Damian), asked me to pick up champagne for the get-together she's having here at the house with her friends tonight.

So, I braved the long lineup and amused myself by writing my blog in a notebook while waiting to get to the head of the line. (no sense wasting time, right? Might as well do something productive while hanging out at the wine store)!

Now that it's New Year's Eve, trying to figure out what to wear out for dinner at The Friendly Greek (our usual new years haunt).

Think I'll wear my OTHER fave Christmas gift, this skin-tight H & M dress, given to me by sister, Carrie for Christmas. Thanks Carrie! LOVE it!

Wore it Christmas Day, even while making the famous "Grampa-lain" punch with Max. (age old recipe passed on to me decades ago by my late Grampa who created it. We still use his original punch bucket
and ladle. The glass pitcher I inherited from Mum, (as it is the "official punch pourer!")

Happy new year everyone!! Hope it's a happy, healthy 2012 ahead for one and all. (I could USE a year like that!)

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At January 1, 2012 at 12:10 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 2012.We had sparkling white from the Wine Rack -Ontario and it was good .Also went to the nearby Keg for dinner. Yes I like the HM outfit.
My sister rented on First ave near Gerrard not far from ypur 1st house.It was near the store where the person plasted all those sayings etc in his store window.
Take Care


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