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Dean Jones

April 24/11

On this Easter weekend, I was thinking of new beginnings and overcoming obstacles in life.

Many years ago, I had the chance to interview Dean Jones, an actor I’d loved since his early Disney movies like The Ugly Dachshund, That Darn Cat and The Love Bug, among many others. He was in Toronto to promote a film, and was here with his wife, Lory.

Dean Jones (circa 1965)

I don’t remember why this happened, but for some reason, during the interview, Dean said he wanted to give me a copy of his wife’s new book. It’s called Hearing God – Daily Devotions for Spirit-Filled Living (by Lory Basham Jones). The book has a different reading for every day of the year. I’ve kept it on the bedside night table for 18 years, and from time to time, pick it up for inspiration.

Me with Dean Jones in our trenchcoats!

On the day of my MRI, I was particularly anxious and checked out the devotion for that day and was surprised to discover the title of this reading was Healing. The message says:

“Just as a cat running after a bird gets thorns in its feet along the cactus-ridden desert, you have picked up things that would prick and sting along your path, as you ran after elusive pursuits. Hold those areas out to Me and I will remove the thorns, for I, of all, know how they pierce the flesh and soul and weigh down the spirit. Once removed, these thorns lose their ability to wound. Depend on Me and the surgery will be easy. Reach out to the good things before you”.

I thought that was pretty amazing.

The next day, while starting the long wait for results, I looked at the following day’s devotion, which was called Calm is Constructive. It said, in part, “The world moves swiftly toward success, but you to achieve, must learn to be calm. All rush, all stress, all agitation is destructive. Peace, peace peace!”

Lory Basham Jones and her husband, actor Dean Jones

Dean Jones is now 80-years-old. All these years later, I still thank Dean and Lory for giving me this book. It’s inscribed to me, saying, Dear Elaine, May the glorious love of God surround you and your family. With Dean’s and my blessings, Lory Basham Jones.

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At November 21, 2011 at 1:29 p.m. , Blogger Teresa said...

I found your reference to Dean and Lory Jones, and especially to your having been blessed by Lory's devitional Hearing God, in your blog sight. You mention that Dean is now 80 (not sure when your blog is written), and I am wondering if Lory is still alive. I would love to let her know how much her devotional has blessed me, too, over the years.

At December 2, 2011 at 1:02 p.m. , Anonymous Elaine Loring said...

Hello Teresa,
Sorry, didn't see this comment till now.
I don't know about Dean and Lory and where they are these days, but do know they were involved with The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California.
These are links to that church/contacts, etc.
Have loved Dean Jones since the sixties when I first saw him in Disney flicks. It was great to meet him in person! And yes, Lory's book has been helpful to me over many years.
All the best to you!


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