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Stormy weather and summer heat

July 17/13.

Can't believe it's been more than two weeks since I posted a new entry. Time just flies.

I was asked by Alexandra Heilbron, editor of Tribute - the movie magazine, to write two previews for the July/August issue.

One of them, a half-page about R.I.P.D., the 3D supernatural action/adventure starring Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon and Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

The film was adapted from the Dark Horse Entertainment comic, "Rest in Peace Department" in which two deceased cops do their best to protect the living world from evil spirits who refuse to go on to the afterlife.
Always fun to write previews and I'm happy to get some more freelance articles into my entertainment portfolio.

The second article was about World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, but it didn't make it into the issue. I believe the deadline for the mag changed and it was too late to get the story in, (but they were kind enough to pay me anyway! $$)  Hope I get to do some more writing for Tribute soon.

Meanwhile, on a hot summer day, hit the Danforth

to take my old high school pal, Dean Rogers, out for a belated birthday lunch at Kalyvia. He had a two-for-one pass, which was great! Good food and fun company!

Our friend, Matthew McMahon drove by on his motorized vehicle, toting new pillows he bought on sale at the Gerrard Square WalMart. I usually see Matthew hanging out front of his building at the Danforth/Hampton Second Cup. Good man.

After 11 years, our microwave is cacking out. It's one of the most-used appliances in the house, but now it only works intermittently,

making it very difficult to heat up frozen dinners or anything else! So far, two different repairmen have been over to check it out and been unable to fix the problem. In the meantime, we just keep hoping it will kick in long enough to blast out one more meal!

One afternoon, spent a couple of hours with my fabulous son, Max. Stopped for an egg and cheese crepe at Crepe it Up on the second floor. They only cost $3 and they're delicious! Max stuck with Vitamin water.

On the way home, caught up with musical blog mascot Aubrey Bolton, where he met Max for the first time. I told Aubrey that Max is a busker too. Aubrey commanded, "Busk me something!"

Max obliged, playing Aubrey's rickety old guitar to perform The Beatles' I Should Have Known Better.

Later, I headed to Urban Nails,

where I found the multifaceted host, Alex, sitting on the floor, restocking the cupboard with new bottles of nail polish and shellac.

Left the place feeling much better, with freshly done "Rosebud" nails, courtesy of Tom, one of the masters at this very popular salon.

Later in the week, spotted Max,

out in front of the Carrot Common, busking up a storm!

It's a nice spot to play, with plenty of passersby - some who toss him a few coins!

Afterwards, Max took a pic of me at a pretty garden on Gerrard Street.

Then we took off for Urban Planet to get him some new black skinny pants and colourful

I bought a John Lennon t-shirt to wear while running on the Riverdale track. Can't seem to do as many laps as usual in the hot, steamy weather, but I keep trying!

Also drove by our first house at 128 De Grassi Street. It sure was a cute little place.

I used to spend many hours sitting on these benches (directly across the street from the house) with my little baby Kate,

and playing in the park!

On Monday July 8, Toronto was hit by a massive storm - more rain than Hurricane Hazel back in 1954!

My cousin, Marilyn, sent me this pic of the stairs to the foot/bicycle path at the Don River.

The river was flooded.

Hundreds of cars all over the city were at a standstill due to the rain and thousands of T.O. residents lost power, some for many days.

My sister, Carrie, was attempting to drive home from Mississauga to her place at Lawrence and Bathurst. It took five hours. Her son, Lee, (in baseball cap above), tried to help some other guys get a car out of a mucky ditch, but it was impossible. This baby had to be towed! When Carrie and Lee finally arrived home, they had no power and spent the evening by candlelight.

As for me, thankfully, the worst that happened was I got caught in the rain while leaving Loblaws and came home soaked. I was one of the lucky ones.

To make use of the time when we didn't want to go outside in the mess the next morning, Max and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up his room.

He had WAY too many old items of clothing that no longer fit.

Most of them in heaps on the floor.


And hundreds of tangled hangers in the closet and on the floor. Maybe I should have just hung this up from the ceiling and used it as artwork! (easier than getting them apart!)

We ended up with bags filled to the brim - some for garbage, some for Value Village.

And the closet looked considerably neater! Now, Max might actually be able FIND what he wants to wear!

Another day that week, it was back to Princess Margaret to see radiation oncologist Dr. Koch. She gave me the long-awaited good news - (after 28 anxious days),

that my breast MRI was CLEAR!! What a relief. (another new shirt from Urban Planet - hard to read, but it says, Follow Your Heart).

To celebrate, Sam and I went to Pearl Court Restaurant on Gerrard,

for Dim Sum! Yum! These little egg tarts are so good!

Animals seem to play a big role in my life these days. I'm often at the Bay Cat Hospital to pick up food for our cat, Tru. Above is one of the cats up for adoption.

Here's another feline waiting to be taken home by someone who will love her.

And a couple of others.

At the same time, we are dealing with an over abundance of raccoons in our backyard. This one made himself right at home!

Later that day, Max accompanied me to Sunnybrook Hospital,

 for an appointment with a dental specialist.

I was afraid a little bump in my mouth was oral cancer, but it's only vascular - nothing to worry about, - except that it needs to be removed by a plastic surgeon. It's close to the lip, so ordinary surgery would leave a scar.
No appointment made yet, but coming soon I'm sure! Awaiting the call from the surgeon's office.

It's always something! - (thankyou Roseanne Rosannadanna!)

After the hospital experience, Max dressed up to meet his friend, Claire in Yorkville.

They were surprised when they got there to meet a photographer who asked them to pose on the famous rocks for a website pic because they looked so cool together! Apparently, the website is called
I am Torontonian.

Coincidentally, I had a regular dental appointment the day after my Sunnybrook visit. Had to wear these dumb plastic glasses to protect my eyes while they worked on me.

Afterwards, went window shopping. Saw the cutest Lambchop doll. 

I used to LOVE Shari Lewis and her crazy puppets, Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse, but Lambchop was my fave!

Somewhere in my old vinyl collection, I still have a copy of her album, Fun in Shariland, which my sister, Carrie and I used to play over and over again - especially a song called, "What Would You Like for Dinner Tonight?" We loved that one! Drove my Mum crazy with it!

Walked past CFRB where I used to work as a Good News reporter, decades ago!

And checked out one of my favourite card/gift shops, Paperboy,

Where they have SO many colourful fun items,

and cute signs.

Back at home, the flooding was finally drying up, and one good thing was, the downpour sure left our backyard garden looking green and lush!

After another run (I had the track all to myself), but could only manage a few laps in the heat,

then came home to a broken water heater - no hot water for showers, laundry or dishwashing. Took several visits from Direct Energy over two days to get it going again. Thank goodness. (Freezing cold showers are NOT fun).

July 15, our street looked a bit of a wreck! The neighbours ordered a new air conditioner,

but the company came and dropped one off

that was WAY too big. It had be left outside for pick up -

along with the old one, (behind Max). - Since the street was packed anyway, Max decided to clear his basement drum room to rid it of a bunch of old shelves. Our cousins, Marilyn and Kevan gave them to us when Kate and Max were little tykes. We've had them for 15 years and they have served us very well.

I really hope they don't mind that we left them outside, for someone else to take and enjoy.

And the next morning, that's exactly what happened. A man drove up, expertly dismantled the shelving unit and loaded everything into the back of his car.Thank you Kev and Mar (and their daughter, Sacha, who used these shelves when she was a little girl). I'm sure this "good wood" has gone to a new home and will give many more years of service to the next owners!

Last night, I went with Kate and her boyfriend, Damian, to see

the free outdoor screening of Anchorman at Dundas Square.

The temperature was sweltering,

but a great time was had by all,

including Arena, Cadence, Kate, Damian,

and me, decked out in my best 70's look! (wish I'd kept some of the things from that vintage wardrobe)!
The crazy earrings were given to me by the late, great Auntie Ray, who passed away exactly one year ago. I think she would have loved to see them getting some use in honour of Ron Burgundy - "Mr. 70's".
Peace & Love Babe! (oh, and "Stay classy San Diego"!)

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