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June 23/13

Rooftop shots. Looking down from the balcony above, Sam gives Max his first lesson in barbeque grilling!
(Also, first barbeque of the summer season).

- sausages, hotdogs and burgers. Delish!

On the basement deck, we have a mother raccoon and four babies. Impossible to get a shot of all four babies, since they run away at the slightest sound, but this is one of them with Mummy.

(I lured them out of hiding with a piece of bread).

June 10th, Kate and I went to see Before Midnight, starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. We both really enjoyed it. (3rd of the trilogy). Great script. Terrific acting. Saw it at the AMC at Dundas and Yonge.

Kate snapped a shot of me in front of the World War Z/Brad Pitt poster. Haven't seen the preview I wrote about it yet in Tribute magazine. I think it's in the July issue. Will have to check out my local medical clinic where they receive copies!

Later that night, Sam drove me to Princess Margaret Hospital for my annual breast MRI appointment.
It was the quietest I've ever seen the place, since my procedure was scheduled for 9:15 in the evening. (they run the machines 24 hours).

Yep, back again in the stylish medical gowns (one open to the front underneath, the other on top, open at the back - I know the drill).

And of course, just to make you feel REALLY attractive, (ha ha), you get a matching medical cap, plus earplugs and noise cancellation headphones to block out all the clanging, ringing, sirens and other weird sounds you hear during this bizarre, 45-minute test. (they wouldn't allow me to take a pic in the MRI room wearing the headphones). Lying absolutely still on my stomach for that long is not my strong suit, but I did it, without moving a muscle. Results in about two weeks. Hoping for the best!

The next morning, I was back at the hospital again for more tests. (should have just stayed overnight!) It was a windy day up on the 16th floor of the Max Tanenbaum Garden.

It's supposed to be a relaxing retreat area for patients, families, visitors and caregivers. The brochure about this place tells me it features an 8,000 square foot garden floor with hexagonal benches and tables. Very pretty. I have visited it often.

Checked out the lobby inspirational board before taking off. (they spelled attitude wrong...oh well).

Then headed to the Bay Cat Hospital,

to pick up specialty food for our cat, Tru.

Ran into numerous pets up for adoption, including Belle,


and the little grey kitten, Clara, just seven weeks old.

Was fun to watch them play-fighting!

Also met the vet's dog, Josie,

(who doesn't seem to mind being surrounded by cats!)

The next morning, it was back to running on the Riverdale Park track. Still can't seem to get back up to 13 laps (which happened one day!), but at least I'm out there trying! I want to keep healthy and have been informed that fitness is the way to do it and to keep the immune system working properly.

Later, - off to Urban Nails where shellac expert Tom, got my nails back to pink and pretty,
Zap, Pow, Bang!

Charles, Emmett and Max (bandmates in Ghost Daze) hit our basement for a rehearsal and a few video games.

To prepare for the outdoor "Dalestock" show at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.

Everything was brought up from the basement drum room and ready to go.

I played "Roadie Mum" and drove the gear over to the school by noon, but upon arrival, was told the school was undergoing a "power failure". I mean come ON! WTF? A previous year, the show was rained out, and this time, a power outage? I think a caretaker, or someone else in the know about electricity, sabotaged the show by conveniently pulling a few wires. Too much of a coincidence for me.

There was nothing to do but to drive the gear home again and drag it back into the house.

I felt so badly for the boys, as it was to be their final grade 12 performance together.

By the time everything was put away again, Max showered and changed and seemed to take the whole thing in stride. He's very even-tempered! (while I was fuming).

Meanwhile, to make up for the fiasco, I went out to the Danforth and bought all the makings for spaghetti and meatballs! I never made meatballs before in my life.

Whipped up about 80 of them with ingredients including ground beef, ground pork, fresh parsley, spices, freshly grated cheese, you name it.

Turned out pretty good. (well, at least that's what the fam told me). As a non-cook, this was far from my fave thing to do, and doubt I'll tackle it again in this lifetime!

Kate and I headed to the Eaton Centre for a little "retail therapy" at Victoria's Secret, La Senza and
La Vie En Rose. Always sexy, playful places to visit!

For Father's Day, we took my Dad-in-law, Ben Bornstein out for lunch,

at his fave place - Wendy's.

He and his son, Sam, played with straws together, (as they did when Sam was a kid!)

and we had prezzies and cards for Zaidy.

Also paid a visit to cousin Kevio to give him a Father's Day card. He lost his Dad not long ago, and his daughter, Sacha and granddaughter, Sienna, are in Malta, visiting Sienna's Dad, Mark, so figured Kev could use a little cheering up! He is one GREAT father! (and grandfather!) - Oh, and best cousin in the world!

Later, I spent some time out on the deck, reading the manuscript (Stalking The Average Man), written by my old Seneca College pal, John Axelson.

He was supposed to be coming for a visit from B.C. (haven't seen him in 30 years), but so far, he hasn't arrived. Where the heck ARE you Ax?

My sister, Carrie came for a visit at our place, (here with Damian, Kate and Max). We watched some funny stuff on Sam's iPad.

While Tru was in the middle of all the action.

Always great to have a visit with Cayr. (this was the night before her son, Lee's 18th birthday). We gave her a present to give him - a gift card for Il Fornello, so he could take his girlfriend, Emily, out for dinner!

Another visit to master stylist Paul Taylor at JC Salons. He could barely stand to LOOK at the mess my hair was in as I arrived.

But with work,

He was able to fix me up with the "flippity-dippity Mad Men" look! Yay!

That evening, my son, Max, was off to his prom, looking mighty spiffy, I must say!

Tough not to be proud!

He is one very special young man!

His lovely date for the evening, Robyn, looked fabulous and was wearing the wrist corsage Max bought for her. They had a great evening, (except for being interrupted at the King Eddie Hotel by Hilary Clinton and her huge entourage!)

"Sorry to have disrupted the festivities, kids! Hope you had fun anyway, even though you were surrounded by my bodyguards"!

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