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Max's rockin' record debut on Saturday night!

July 25/14.

Since I stopped writing my blog for so long, I've missed quite a few "events" here. - For example - Max's final day of high school! - Congrats!

He took the "Victory Lap" - hanging in at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts for a fifth year, - (or what we USED to call - GRADE 13)!!! - In some ways, he wishes he'd made a different decision and moved on to other things more quickly. But, often these things happen for a reason. - (guess we won't KNOW the reason until the future, unless we have a crystal ball, -

or at the VERY least, a Magic 8 ball).

After applying (and being accepted) to several colleges, he's chosen Centennial's Music Production program for September. We're now dealing with the totally insane chaos of RESP forms, paperwork, discussions, arguments, course selection and on & on. Don't know about OTHER parents, but I'VE found it extremely, exceedingly exhasperating to work with KFF - Knowledge First Financial, (the RESP company formerly known as USC Education Savings Plans Inc.) After diligently paying into that company, year after year for Kate and Max's university and/or college tuitions since 1999, finally, we require the money, but there's SO much rigmarole, it's impossible to get a red cent released to you until the first day of school - or even LATER! The only option is to dig up the moolah yourself, then, sit around, twiddling your thumbs, till the cheques finally roll in. In the case of Kate, (for her second year), we received two cheques. - But not until October and December! (classes, of course, began in September). Thanks for the speedy transactions KFF!

In the meantime, Max has just completed months of work on his first solo album.


It's called The Palindrome Years 
Album art work by Duke M. Ringrose, Will Spratley and Ben Ball!

The project will be revealed at the Smiling Buddah - 961 College Street, - Saturday July 26th at 6 p.m. Opening the show? - Jacob Switzer of HeadSpace and Emmett Webb from Ghost Daze. Max goes on at 7:45. - Admission - 5 bucks. Max plays almost ALL the instruments AND performs vocals, with generous support from friends -  Missy (background vocals), Alex (guitar/background vocals), Jelly (background vocals), Emmett (guitar), Colin (keyboards), Jack (guitar) and Nick (guitar). - I'll be "Roadie Mum", schlepping equipment and band members. Can't WAIT to see the show!

Above (left) Jacob, and (right) Emmett.

Max has pulled off some 8-hour-long mixing sessions in his basement studio,

using his Dell laptop

(complex & colourful!)

as well as his own creative hand-written board, listing songs and instrumentations. It's all ready to go now and the CDs set for sale on Saturday night! Come join in for a terrific evening of music and to support up and coming rock stars!

Break a leg Max! May this be the start of something BIG!!!

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At July 30, 2014 at 12:11 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elaine, your "tiny" group of followers is much bigger than you think, I'm positive of that. So glad you're back and catching up is always fun to do, at least "Lainey style" it is.


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