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Forever Mum

October 26/12,

Tomorrow afternoon, we will, at long last, be scattering our late Mum's ashes at the rose garden of Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It's been just over two years since she passed away (October 19, 2010).

Since that time, her ashes (kept in a box, wrapped in a green velvet bag),  have spent time at Carrie's place and later at mine until a decision was made about what to do with them. Since Mum left pretty sketchy instructions about her wishes (only that she figured cremation was the way to go), we finally chose to set a date to scatter the ashes at the rose garden. Not only did she love roses and gardens of all kinds, our childhood home at 79 Moore Avenue (which she bought in 1965 and in which we all spent many happy times),  is only about three blocks away from the cemetery. We drove our bikes through that cemetery and later, practiced learning to drive a car there too!

Just a few family members and friends will attend this little ceremony. We plan to read one of her favourite poems, and afterwards, will either go someplace to drink a toast to her, or to have a cup of tea!

Just thinking about all of this, reminded me of the video we shot on the last day we spent at her (later) home at 439 Glengarry Avenue. During all the months we were cleaning and clearing out the place, we referred to it as the "Hidey Hole."  It was just a little tour to look back on in years to come and remember her final house. Here's a look at that video, which ends with a beautiful song by Carrie, in Mum's empty, "echo-y" den. It's called Forever Young from the musical Anne of Greene Gables.

Gracie Finley played Anne for six years at the Charlottetown Festival

Mum drove us all the way to Charlottetown, P.E.I. when we were kids to see "Anne" at the Festival there. We stayed in housekeeping cabins at Cavendish Beach and Brackley Beach. The fantastic Gracie Finley played the role of Anne. We were in love with the show,

Jeff Hyslop as "Gilbert" in Anne of Green Gables

and also with the fabulous Jeff Hyslop, (who at the age of just 17, played Gilbert), and the song Forever Young. The musical was composed by Canadians Don Harron and Norman Campbell with lyrics by Elaine Campbell and Mavor Moore.

For some reason, this poignant song seemed a fitting way to say goodbye to Mum's house.

"Anne of Green Gables never change...we like you just this way... 
Anne of Green Gables, sweet and strange, stay as you are today... 
Though blossoms fade and friends must part...old grow the songs we've sung, 
Anne of Green Gables in my heart, you are forever young..." 

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