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October 6/12.

Has been kind of a quiet time since the madness of TIFF wrapped up. I've been busy, but not pulling my hair out the way reporters tend to do when covering the festival! The round-the-clock work kinda tired me out after many years away from the business, so have tried to take it a little easier the last couple of weeks.

During TIFF, caught up with an old Global  TV acquaintance of mine, Roz Weston (of ET Canada), at one of the many screenings. He admitted he was so exhausted he was wearing a hoodie that he only sports during screenings so he can pull the hood over his eyes to catch a few zzzzzzzzzzzzs till the movie starts! (Tips from the top)! He's also the KISS morning show host from 5 to 9 a.m. and has a two-year-old daughter. I told him, "You must have no life!" He responded, "You're right. I have no life."

Trying to treat myself to a few nice things. Went back to Urban Nails,

for a new coat of Rosebud shellac! Katie did them for me, and perfectly! After biting my nails my whole life, this manicure thing is new to me and I love it! For some reason, after breast cancer, I suddenly stopped biting and it's sure fun to have nails. I never knew!

On the way home that day, the sky was pretty awesome!

I stopped by a parking lot on The Danforth to leave my car and do some shopping and saw this guy had parked his car sideways across several spaces!  There were plenty of upset would-be shoppers who couldn't get a spot because of him. (When I returned, discovered his car had actually died right on this piece of asphalt and he'd gone off to seek assistance).

Meanwhile, hit up No Frills (where else?) in a new top I bought at The Bay with a gift card I was given by Sam. Fell in love with the rich fall colour.

Later, went to the local florist on Broadview Avenue to get some flowers. There's been some sadness in my family life lately and I felt I needed a colour pick-me-up.  Auntie Ray would have been proud. Speaking of Auntie Ray, her Celebration of Life is coming up next weekend.

My cousin, Kevan (her son) and fam are busy planning things. (this shot was taken only a few months before her passing).

It's sure to be a day of both laughter and tears.

Carrie has been caught up with working out the music plus another special project for the big event. I can't wait to be in a room filled with people, all of whom adored Ray.

Oh, the memories and stories we will all share. I sure miss visiting with her at her beautiful condo.

Everything in the place has gone on to live in other people's homes (including mine), and someone else lives here now.

Meanwhile, my beautiful daughter, Kate has been working hard in the Journalism program at Ryerson, doing well in tests and projects. I'm proud of her. She's an excellent writer. Always has been, even as a little kid. She already writes for blogs and makes money. I often wonder where her talents will take her!

I've continued to try to go out running on the Riverdale track whenever I have the time. Made it to 8 laps one day (just shy of two miles). Still hoping to beat that record soon. The Beatles keep me going on my iPhone. Note to self: A Hard Day's Night is GREAT to run to. Eleanor Rigby is NOT.

One day, on the way to a doctor's appointment, I went walking through Forest Hill to see the mansions. This garden was particularly lush and pretty. The house next door was for sale. Wonder how much??

After that ritzy walk, headed back to my own neighbourhood, The Danforth, for some sweet deals!

I parked in a lot behind the Broadview subway station (great Green P prices), and saw this familiar sight! A Global remote van. Checked, as I always do, to see if the cameraman was anyone I knew from the good old days, and lo and behold, it was!

It's been ten years since I departed the station, but Gord Edick is still supervising cameraman. He's not only great at his job, but one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. 

He was covering a story about the TTC outsourcing maintenance. He introduced me to his reporter,

and I was surprised to find out it was Mark Carcasole, whose voice I knew from NewsTalk 1010! He told me he's only been at Global for about six weeks and is just loving it. Have to say I envied him and remember very clearly what it was like to start working there! I told him there wouldn't be many people left (at Global), who knew me, since there have been so many changes. He thought I meant at CFRB and he said, "Well Dave Agar and Evelyn Macko would remember you." Had to laugh. Yes, they would.

Gord's assistant on the remote was his young son, Todd. I met him and his younger brother Cole years ago when they were wee little guys at the Santa Claus Parade! Now Todd is a man in the working world. He told me he had been in the radio/TV program at Ryerson but left to take this job.

Gord stuck me in front of the camera so the folks back in the control room could see me for fun. Made me miss the job. I was there for 18 years!

Thanks Gord. Keep up the excellent work. And Mark, good luck and all the best to you at Global!

The rest of the week was made up of running hither and thither, shopping for groceries and cat litter, (not to mention cleaning up after our aging kitty who seems to forget where the litter box is),

and picking up a few things for Thanksgiving. Can't see making a big fancy dinner this year.

The family has been busy watching out over my Mum-in-law, Jean, (here with my Dad-in-law, Ben, and my son, Max a few months back). 

She's in hospital and the whole family is helping out with her care. 

I stopped to buy her a pretty card at the gorgeous gift shop. I've been to many hospital gift stores and this one is my favourite. Whoever their buyer is, makes some beautiful selections. I used to visit this shop a lot when my Mum was in Sunnybrook. It brings back many heartfelt memories to see it.

I've been trying hard to remain upbeat, but it's tough when someone you love isn't able to be at home. At the same time, we're also planning (finally) to scatter our Mum's ashes, two years after her death. We just couldn't make up our minds what we wanted to do with them, but Carrie and I have decided to scatter them in the rose garden at Mount Pleasant Cemetary in just a few weeks. She loved gardens and roses and this will give us a place to go if we want to sit and remember her. (even though we can do that ANYWHERE!)

Ended the week with another hospital visit - this time for me, at Princess Margaret. I get regular checkups there, seeing everyone from the medical oncologist, to radiation oncologist, to MRI technicians, even to a shrink. (as I've said before, no candy coating - cancer also fucks with the mind, big time). I've become pals with one security guard here who always offers to take my picture out front! He's cool, but prefers to remain anonymous.

Hey, and since starting this blog entry, (which was getting caught up from way back on September 21st!) - it's time for another touch-up! I keep the Urban Nails gang in business! Cheers everyone!

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