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Canada Day and lots more!

July 1/13.

Happy Canada Day!

Went out for a run. Could only make it to 7 laps (just under 2 miles),

plus most of the Riverdale Park killer hill. It's SO damn steep - almost impossible to run it. Did it once. Will keep trying.

Sam has been away in Calgary for many days, dealing with all kinds of situations in the saturated city. So many flood-damaged buildings, hotels and homes as well as countless areas without electricity. Epic floods forced more than 100,000 people to evacuate their homes after over seven inches of rain came down during the course of 60 hours.
He sent this Bow River pic, telling us, "You can see on the left how high it overflowed its banks." Sam is also helping out with crisis management southeast of Fort McMurray.

Before being sent off to Calgary, the family celebrated a belated Father's Day event at the Newmarket home of Sam's brother, Neil, and his wife, Carolyn. Here's Sam with his Dad, Ben.

All the kids played Cards Against Humanity.

And hung out together while waiting for

master barbeque man - (my nephew Adam) to grill up the souvlaki! - Wow! What a feast!

Carolyn and Adam were in control in the kitchen,

while I got Neil to show off the special t-shirt given to him by the employees at his pharmacy to say goodbye. I was in tears just reading the heartfelt messages from his loyal staff. We recently got word that after 23 years as owner of West Hill Pharmasave, Neil is moving on.

The days of independent community pharmacy are changing, and he made the tough decision to sell the business and go out in pursuit of a whole different mid-life career. The commute from Newmarket to Scarborough is now a thing of the past and the search is on for new and challenging endeavours. Wishing you all the best in your future Neil!

Meanwhile, let's eat!

Saying goodbye after the bash. (left to right) - Geoff, (Debbie's significant other), my sister-in-law, Deb,
bro-in-law, Neil, me, my kids Kate and Max and my nephew (Debbie's son), Justin. It was a fabulous party!

The next day, ran into my musical blog mascots, the Bolton bros - Aubrey and Dana, busking.

They were playing their usual great music, attracting some local fans. Aubrey (left) just celebrated his 55th birthday. They come from a family of 10 brothers and sisters! Their brother, Donny - (Dana's twin), recently died of lung cancer. Luckily, before he passed away, they were able to make the trek out east to see him one last time.

I bought them a couple of Buds (as always) at the LCBO, and two of their fans stopped by with boxes of McDonald's french fries, and then snapped this pic for us!

Later, Max and I went out grocery shopping, to buy some things for a barbeque,

and this time, MAX was in charge of the grilling. - Burgers and hotdogs! He did a great job!

I went home and took off for the track. Managed 10 laps this day! (2.4 miles) - Sunglasses to mask the crappy makeup after the long, hot run!

Later in the week, I drove Max to

Long & McQuade to buy a new mic stand.

Of course, we looked around the drum department,

and the cymbal room.

Just before leaving in the car, some guy started wildly honking his horn at me in the parking lot. Couldn't figure out why. Suddenly, he held up my purse to show me I'd left it on the ground when we stopped to take pictures outside! Thank the LORD the man was kind of enough to catch me, or I would have been without cash, credit cards, driver's licence, you name it. Thank you to this unknown good samaritan!

Also went to the Eaton Centre where I bought two new big, bold, wild rings!

(Auntie Ray would have been proud! - ha ha! - She was ALWAYS a ring fanatic)

Also stopped at Reread, Review, Replay on the Danforth and bought a cheap ($12) season of Two and a half Men (one of my fave shows - Season Two).

did a little window shopping,

drove to the Bay Cat hospital to buy catfood for Tru,
where we ran into their two cats - still up for adoption - Belle,

and Dougie, (who stuck his tongue out at me!)

Took Kate for a doctor's appointment, where we found out, her OHIP card had expired two months earlier! (disaster du jour) - Luckily, they know us at the clinic and didn't turn us away, but we had to rush down to 777 Bay Street and wait a couple of hours to get her a new card. (old one extended for a month).

While there in this very busy "Service Ontario" building, we found the parking machine OUT of service,

one elevator OUT of service,

and another elevator undergoing some sort of repairs. But in the end, we got 'er done and made it home!

On the way back, we passed Ryerson on Dundas Street (where Kate studies Journalism), and saw lots of new graduates out front! Congrats!

On Friday night (June 27th), Kate, Max and I went to a 10 p.m. screening of the Beatles' HELP! at the AMC. I had a gift card, so we got in free!

Such fun to see it on the big screen after all these years of watching it on VHS or DVD!

Of course, I had to wear a John Lennon cap!

He's my fave Beatle these days, especially his voice when I'm running on the track.

His edginess seems to keep me going! Come on Johnny, - get me back up to 13 laps again!!

Last time I attempted to hit 13 laps, I ended up like this when I got home. Yikes.

Saturday, I drove Kate to Broadview subway where she was TTCing it to the PRIDE Dyke March.

She looked so pretty, all in red, along with her equally attractive pals, Arena and Cadence.

Kate, the beauty,

and the comedy queen!

With Sam away, got hit by another disaster du jour. (because what's a day without a disaster)? Max and I were just about to sit down to watch some Two and a half Men episodes, when he suddenly asked where his little feline friend was. He went upstairs to Kate's bedroom, and discovered her in the very hot room, under the Duvet, breathing extremely rapidly. (naturally, this had to happen on the long holiday weekend when everything is closed). Max called me on his cell and I came running. When I saw the state she was in, I was sure she was dying. Kate was still out at Pride and all I kept thinking was how devastated she would be if her cat passed away. I rushed Tru downstairs where it was air-conditioned, bathed her face with cool water and called the Humane Society, just as they were closing. They gave me the number of a 24-hour emergency clinic at Yonge and Davenport. We were about to put Tru in her carrying case to take her there, when she started to rally! She had some food and water, and was suddenly much better! Kate came home and heard the whole story. The next morning, Tru seemed just fine! Another disaster averted.

So today is Canada Day! As I drove around the neighbourhood,

saw a few Canadian flags

to celebrate the occasion.

Including one on the front lawn of our next-door-neighbour, Rita's place.

As for me, I just have this teeny flag! Woo hoo! Have a GREAT long holiday weekend everyone and a happy Canada Day!

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