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June 10/13.

Tonight at 9:15, I'll be undergoing another breast MRI. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).  The last one was a year ago.

This prep-shot was taken at my first MRI in 2011 on Sam's BlackBerry-cam, so it's pretty blurry - (likely a GOOD thing!) - Stylish! (not)

I have to buy a pair of earplugs to wear underneath the noise cancellation headphones, thereby quieting the ultra-loud clanging, beeping, buzzing and siren sound effects you have to endure. Also, due to a back injury 20 years ago, I can't lie on my stomach unless I have pillows or towels under my abdomen. Last time, the technician was very accomodating and found some padding for me to lie on so my back wouldn't hurt. (you have to stay perfectly still, boobs hanging through two holes in the examination table (lovely), and your face planted in a donut hole pillow for 30 to 45 minutes). Always tough. Each time I've had an MRI, I start to itch! And you can't move a muscle to scratch! Last time, I took a Tylenol 3 and a 5 mg. Valium before the test to help me lie still in a shaky state - and I'll do it again on Monday. (I'd recommend that to anyone having an MRI, as long as you have someone to drive you home afterwards!)

Nice floral hat!

Part of the test also involves the insertion of an IV needle so they can pump you full of contrast dye. Back then, I was told results would be available in 5 days, but I had to wait 12. Everything turned out well, and I'm hoping the same will be true this time.

Back to Princess Margaret Hospital for a checkup, and then to Mount Sinai for another test.

Still awaiting results of the painful uterine biopsy done 18 days ago! (Sometimes, the wait can be the hardest thing of all)!
"Backwards-working-now". On May 25th, stopped by cousin Kevio's place to say a final goodbye to my sweet littlest cousin, Sienna (who turns 2 this coming week). She and her beautiful Mum, (my cuz, Sacha) were heading off on the long trip to Malta to see Sienna's Dad, Mark. He's a water polo player there.

Sienna sure has grown since this family pic was taken when she was just three months old. This time, they'll all be there together for 10 months. As a result, Kev and Marilyn are empty-nesters and will miss them both so much. (I miss them already!)

Knowing how sad Kev/Mar would be when they had to drive them to the airport, I dropped off some flowers and a card, hoping to cheer them up a little bit. (I know what a wreck I'D be if MY kids were going away for almost a year!) They weren't home, so I left the flowers hanging on the doorknob till their return. I later found out they were awash with tears at the final goodbye, (which I was fully expecting to hear).

The next day, Tom, expert Shellac man at Urban Nails, gave me three new coats of shiny Rosebud pink at Urban Nails. Nice.

Later in the week, received an offer to write two more previews for the upcoming issue of Tribute, the movie magazine. Glad for the work and the chance to get published again. I was given one day to come up with reports -
about R.I.P.D (Rest in Peace Department, starring Jeff Bridges and our Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds),

and World War Z, the zombie flick starring - (and co-produced by) Brad Pitt.

You have to write the previews based strictly on information and trailers, since the magazine deadline is way before the films appear in theatres. By the time I was finished all the research and writing, I'd been zombified! (have had a lifetime thing for zombies!)

Must say, the movie looks pretty damn scary!

Even Brad Pitt admits the zombies in his new flick are like nothing you've ever seen before!

We had some pretty iffy & weird weather in late May, but finally, May 31st was a perfect day! April showers really DID bring May flowers! (will admit, these are the flowers at our next-door-neighbour's place, as they are super gardeners!)

But have to say, our backyard is gorgeous, green and lush, and we have four new adorable little baby raccoons living somewhere back there!

That same evening, Max's band, Ghost Daze, came for one of their frequent rehearsals in our basement. I snapped a few pics. (Roadie/promo Mum).  This time, lead singer/guitarist Emmett Webb played drums, and Max played guitar. - (check out Max's Alan Alda poster on the left. Max and I are M*A*S*H/Hawkeye fanatics).

Bassist Charles Wilson took a crack at Max's acoustic guitar.

It's really fun to have a household filled with rock music! This rehearsal sounded particularly tight to me!

Later, Max dressed up to go to a downtown bar with his marimba-playing music partner, Celeste. He's not of age yet, but Max is very anti-booze, so he just went to hang out and have pop. - (these two were voted Cutest Best Friends at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts).

The next day, my old high school pal, Dean Rogers, invited me to the annual outdoor art show at Jimmie Simpson park. Naturally, it had to pour rain, (bad hair day for me!) - but we went anyway and saw tons of interesting work.

Music was provided by


And there was a food tent - (with unidentified items for sale).

I liked the Wizard of Oz paintings.

And the tree/landscapes. (though I got in trouble from the artist for shooting this pic). All I was doing was trying to promote him, but guess I'll leave his name out!

I wasn't too big on the dogs.

But always like anything bright and colourful!

This young artist was painting

the surroundings!
Thank you, Dean, for the invite, (and for bringing an umbrella!)

June 4th brought Frank, patio door installer from Canadian Tire, to our basement.

He gave us an estimate (our third one) on replacing the wrecked sliding doors and rotting wood, built in 1979, years before we moved in. He and his father are a team,

gave the best quote and really seem to know their craft. So, within the next month,

the broken handles and everything else will finally be replaced and we'll be able to open the doors! (at the moment, it takes two people to shove the sliding door aside! - We've been told, once it's all done, we will be able to open the doors with our baby finger! - Yay!) - Contracts are signed. Can't wait.

June 5th, enjoyed the flowers at the No Frills Garden Centre.

Didn't buy anything, but liked the way this hanging bouquet matched my shirt! ha ha!

The next morning, ready to take on the track at Riverdale Park -

and ended up accomplishing my longest run yet - 13 laps - just over 3 miles. Never thought I could EVER run three miles,

but did it with some heavy duty mental inspiration and great iPod music!

This is the sign I pass on the walk home every other day, after my run.

Following a hot shower and change of clothes, drove Max - (lookin' spiffy), to his school's Music Night.

He and Celeste played marimba together

for three tunes,

and Max had a drum solo on the song Dracula's Mountain. Proud Mum here.

Another day, spent a fortune at Shoppers, made over 18,000 extra points, and was able to buy 30 bucks worth of free stuff. Love that!

Sunday night, watched The Tonys, 

(host Neil Patrick Harris did a fabulous opening number), 

and then saw Strombo's first CNN show featuring Martin Short. Now it's time to get my head together for tonight's MRI.

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