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Summer fun!

August 4/13.

Two and a half weeks since blogging! Yikes! Seems all my fun stuff has been going up on Facebook lately. (faster and easier than creating blog entries!)

Since last time, lots has happened through the summer. Had two special houseguests who are pretty private people, so will leave them out of the blog, but we had a blast together over six days.

While they were here, a massive lightening storm hit, bringing trees down everywhere! Check out the roots on THIS one, which crashed just outside of Withrow Public School - (where my two kids, Kate & Max, used to attend).

Ai Carumba! What a mess! Driving around the Danforth neighbourhood was practically impossible with all the detours and yellow police tape. Even "Bossy GPS Woman" was "stumped" (ha ha!)

The Toronto city crews had their work cut out for them!

My sister, Carrie and I toasted our special guests at my place,

along with our friend, Mary Spence-Thomas and my daughter, Kate, before taking them all out for dinner - (Girl's Night Out),

at The Friendly Greek - (where they know us well!) - One of my fave restaurants. This night, it was great food, great friends and "Good Tymz" all around!

Later, Kate and Max performed some songs for us,

including The Beatles' I Should Have Known Better
I Should Have Known Better

(I'm so proud of them! - Yuh think??? - see their youtube vids)
You're Gonna Lose That Girl


 John Mayer's Stop This Train.

We also took my pals shopping at this Toronto landmark - (at least for NOW) - Honest Eds,

- (where, apparently, they had never been before). Got some good deals! - What else, right?

The place hasn't changed much after decades in business. Wonder what will be sitting on this property in a few years?

Kate posed with the painting of the pooka, Harvey - (mischievous spirit), the six foot, invisible white rabbit, seen only by Harvey's chum, Elwood P. Dowd - (my favourite movie character of all time). The late great Donald O'Connor played the role of Elwood on stage in Toronto at the Royal Alex Theatre in 1981. I got the chance to interview him. What a thrill!

Then, over to Vintage Video on Markham Street, - fantastic store to find old movies and TV shows - where Max and I finally tracked down a copy of

the frightening flick, MAGIC, (1978) - starring Anthony Hopkins, who plays ventriloquist Corky Withers as well as the voice of his creepy dummy, Fats! We've always wanted to own it on DVD. Features some pretty awesome bonus material too!

The next day, went to JC Salon in Bloor West Village. Came in with scary hair,

but master stylist Paul Taylor fixed me right up, (even scarier),

and sent me home feeling much better, with new colour, lowlights and cut. Thanks Paul!

On July 25th, Frank Lanni and his Dad, Sam, of Seaway Aluminum Windows and Doors - (associated with Canadian Tire), came to install our new basement patio doors. The wrecked OLD ones had been there since we moved into this house over 20 years ago, so this job was WAYYYYYY overdue!

Not a moment too soon, as the doors were falling apart at the seams!

Between the two of them, they were able to get the old windows and doors out,

No easy feat in this decrepid old basement!

It was a ton of work!

When the new doors arrived by truck,

the poor delivery man was kinda wrangled into joining "the team" as they desperately needed a third guy to help hoist and carry the incredibly heavy new glass doors,

around the side of the house and down a flight of metal stairs,

to the deck below,

then wedge it through the basement

and finally into place! Whew!

Clean-up was time-consuming!

But in the end, this father/son team pulled it off! They arrived at 7:45 a.m. and left at 7:45 p.m. -
12 hours to complete the massive task! Congrats!

The new doors look fantastic! (will still require some fresh paint, electrical work and reorganizing),

but Max is thrilled that his friends will be able to get in and out for band rehearsal without having to shove the doors with all their might, just to wedge them open and bring in their gear!

Meanwhile, - microwave still in "intermittent mode" as we wait (and wait) for parts to be delivered by Sears. (cold dinner anyone?)

I'm still trying to keep up my running, at least 3 or 4 times a week. According to my friend, reporter Dana Lewis (in the U.K.), it's supposed to help with the immune system, which is a good thing after breast cancer. Only got up to 13 laps ONCE (5.2 kilometres).

Most of the time I can do between 6 and 8 laps. I really want to get back up to 13,

but the body doesn't seem to want to co-operate, no matter WHAT music I play on my iPhone!
(even John Lennon!) Sorry Johnny boy!

Last weekend, we were invited to my bro-and-sis-in-law's cottage in Bobcaygeon. Just beautiful.

Was great to get out of the city and see Pigeon Lake again!

My brother-in-law, Neil, drove the boat,

while we all watched his athletic son, Jason, in action

water-skiing! - Bravo!

Here's my amazing sister-in-law, Carolyn, - "the hostess-with-the-mostess", entertaining - (left to right), Neil, Sam, Max, Ben (my Dad-in-law) and Jason on the spiffy deck.

We all had a blast!

The rest of my fam went home on the same day, but I asked to stay overnight, just to relax and de-stress.

Had some Henkell champagne,

and just hung out,

enjoying the scenery, the peace & quiet, the food,

and the company.
By morning, felt much more calm, cool and collected! Have to thank Carolyn and Neil for their ever-generous hospitality - and also for driving me all the way to the Peterborough bus terminal to get home!

July 30th - back to reality with another visit and check/up at Princess Margaret Hospital. (I always stop by to see the lovely rooftop garden on the 16th floor).

And check out the "inspiration board" in the lobby. Also had lunch at Druxy's in the lobby, which has become a tradition after more than two years of visits to PMH.

After the hospital, said hello to the cute kittens at the Bay Cat Hospital while picking up food for our cat, Tru.

Then later, welcomed another familiar face to our house - Joanne Silver, visiting from Los Angeles.

We first met when I was 14-years-old, while waiting at the Toronto airport to see our teen idol, Bobby Sherman arriving through the customs doors! (if you'd told me back then, I would interview him three times in the future for radio and TV I NEVER would have believed it!)

Took Joanne shopping and to the St. Lawrence Market for lunch

and to see the first home we lived in (after moving out of my Mum's place in Moore Park) - at a townhouse just a block away from the market.

That life (back in my radio days at CFTR), seems an awfully LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago! Joanne has now taken off to her sister, Val's cottage for a week, but will be back to see us again next weekend.

August 2nd was an exciting day at our house for Max. A massive box arrived at the door by express mail. Took forever to get it ripped open. Inside? A Paul Stanley "cracked mirror" guitar

which Max paid for himself.

 It arrived just days after Max went to see his all-time favourite band, KISS, at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Max was lucky enough to run into Paul Stanley at Bay & Bloor a few days before the show. He was thrilled, had a chance to exchange a few words with him and jokes he will never change his Facebook Timeline pic again!!

 (Hey Max! - I know what it's like to meet your idol)!!! - Bobby Sherman and me, sometime in the 80s! What a day THAT was!

Peace & Love Babe! See you next time!

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