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April showers bring May flowers!

May 3/13.

Spring has finally sprung! Yay!

Can't believe I don't even need a coat! We've all been bundled up way too long.

Today also happens to be my husband, Sam's birthday. He chose a good day for it. Have a great one!
With love from your admiring wife.

(Readers of this blog know, he doesn't usually pose for pics. This rare one was taken with Max and Kate at the Old Mill on Easter Sunday...hence the jackets).

Time now to flash back to the weeks gone by which are history now!

Earlier in April, spent some "quality time" with my pal, Tom, - shellac nail expert at Urban Nails on the Danforth. It's tough conversing with him, as his English isn't strong, but if it's nice nails you want, there's nobody better!

Later in the month at another visit to Tom, I ran into Regine, (wife of an old work friend of Sam's). She was getting a mani/pedi and invited us to join them sometime for a day at their cottage to relax and unwind. Wouldn't that be nice? She is very sweet.

April 12 marked a special show day for Ghost Daze. (left to right) - Max (drummer), Emmett Webb - (lead singer and guitarist) and Charles Wilson - bassist. They piled everything into my car so we could head off to

the Kapisanan Centre on Augusta Avenue in the Kensington area. (Emmett losing his mind behind the glass). They were the opening act for two other groups on the bill - What Fools,

and the infamous Creep Creep Beach, featuring our friend and neighbour, Brooklynne Morrison (on right in her trademark red hat).

Emmett was hanging outside with friends and fans, while Charles and Max held down the fort inside, waiting to go on.

As for me? Proud Roadie Mum. Have car, will-drive-you-wherever-you-like-providing-I-have-my-GPS!


Ghost Daze had some mosh-pitters and everything. At least three girls fell right on to the stage as they danced, practically knocking Emmett over! Ha ha!

They performed a terrific set. Congrats guys on a great show. All your rehearsing really paid off! I so enjoyed the show, and taking pics from up front, but had to stuff my ears with Kleenex to keep from going deaf! (Max and Charles wear earplugs).

The next day, after recuperating from the loud show, had some peaceful, quiet time during a walk down the street at Withrow Park. One of the first mild days of April.

April 17th brought a visit to Mount Sinai hospital,

for my first-ever abdominal ultrasound, (due to some pain I'd been experiencing). Lord only knows what the results will show. I won't see the specialist again till May 16th.

On the way home, spotted my old street performer buddies, (and frequent blog mascots) - The Bolton Bros - Aubrey and Dana, singing for their supper. They are SO good together. They hadn't been playing during the long, cold winter months, but they're back at last!

Meanwhile, when I got home, Trevor was there, thank goodness!
Disaster had struck when our dryer broke down. I had clothing drying in weird places all over the house till Trevor (best appliance repairman EVER), came to our rescue. He had to drive for hours to buy the part he needed to replace,

not to mention, fix the mess of a dryer hose in the basement closet. Now, everything is back in working order and our clothes aren't all "crispy" from hanging over railings for days. Thank you Trevor! - There is NOTHING you can't fix!

Later in the day, I headed to JC Salons to get my hair done for a special media event that evening.
This is the "before" look.

The "after" look was a bit "poofier" than I'm used to, LOL,

but by the time I got to the Corus building downtown, it had settled down. I was excited about attending
the TV on Film Project II,

at Corus,

- a gorgeous building I'd never had the chance to see before.

The building is right on the waterfront,

with stunning cityscape views

from the floor of the 8th floor screening room.

I took a tour of the building and it's a knockout. The people who work here are lucky!

The company was welcoming my old friend, Bill Brioux, who hosts these events twice a year - not only for fun, but also, in his words, "to celebrate our shared passion--television--with like-minded industry folk through the exhibition of classic shows projected on a big screen in their original 16mm format".

Bill (centre) got full support from the Corus communications team - Owen McCorquodale, Danielle Sefton, Kate Calder and Communications Manager Netta Roninelli.
(photo by Barbara Kelly)

At this screening, Bill showed ABC TV's 1977 fall preview reel "Still the One" featuring vintage clips from
Baretta, (my old fave show), Welcome Back Kotter, The Love Boat, Soap, as well as flashes of Laverne and Shirley, Charlie's Angels, Happy Days, Donny & Marie, Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys, The Six Million Dollar Man, Eight is Enough, Family, Barney Miller, Fish, Three's Company, Starsky & Hutch. Operation Petticoat, Carter Company and The Redd Foxx Show! Talk about a stroll down memory lane!

After that, Bill showed a pristine network print of a 1971 episode of The Courtship of Eddie's Father, (with that fabulous Nilsson theme song, "Best Friend"). I was always in love with Bill Bixby and I watched this show every week, without fail!

This episode guest starred the gorgeous Suzanne Pleshette. Bill also tacked on some funny old TV ads -

like Jumpin' Archie toys in Post Honeycomb cereal boxes, a Texaco spot, an anti-smoking ad

and then a preview for The Partridge Family hosted by Dave Madden - ("Reuben Kincaid")

Corus served up popcorn, candy and drinks!

I met up with my friend Dave Hamilton (ex of the promotions department at Global TV). He's now at TVO.
Fun to catch up with him!

Bill is already planning another show for the fall. He tells me he has very few 16 mm prints of Canadian TV shows (since most were lost as networks and producers failed to archive and preserve much of our TV heritage), still, at the NEXT TV on Film Project screening, he hopes to showcase something Canuck -

like maybe an old Party Game starring the late - (and fabulously funny) Billy Van and Jack Duffy,

- or Tiny Talent Time? (if he can find a copy!) - Maybe host Bill Lawrence can drop by!
See you at next screening Bill! - The whole evening was a blast!

April 20 brought a trip to The Mandarin for Kate's early birthday celebration. My father-in-law,
Ben Bornstein was able to join us and had a generous gift for Kate!

There were tons of ceiling umbrellas,

to match the teeny umbrellas in their fancy drinks! Cheers Sweet!

A lot of fabulous food was consumed from the Mandarin's overflowing buffet tables. Fun night for all!

Kate's REAL birthday (April 23rd) brought more prezzies, including Louie CK and Big Bang Theory DVDS from her "bruddie", Max,

a colourful new umbrella from us, plus the special gift she requested - a Nintendo 3DS game console and some games to play on it.

I find it exceedingly difficult to believe she is 21! Where did all the time go? Brings tears to my eyes.
(what doesn't these days?)

We fixed up the diningroom table for a celebration.

And she invited a few friends to party with her.

Kate with boyfriend, Damian and other special guests.

They especially enjoyed the birthday cheesecake. Kate made it herself!
Have a great year! Nothing like being 21!

Nearing the end of April, the boys, Emmett, Max and Charles did more rehearsing and then, as always, relaxed over a few games.

While Kate and her friend Cadence kindly invited me to the CBC building on Front Street,

to watch a taping of the George Stroumboulopoulos show on the 6th floor. I think he's a brilliant interviewer, but had never seen him in person.

The audience wranglers thought Cadence and Kate were "interesting looking", so pulled them aside to sit in the front row, where the cameras would have the most chance of picking them up on screen.

That meant I got to tag along and be in the front row too! (It pays to have a good looking, stylish kid!)

We waited in the "special line",

and I even got to sit on the stage with the famous red chairs!

Strombo's guest was Dan Savage,

described by Wiki as - American author, journalist and newspaper editor. He has a successful podcast and writes the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column, Savage Love. Kate and Cadence are big fans. He was very articulate, entertaining and informative.

After the show, Strombo took questions from the audience (I got to ask him two), and had the chance to meet him too! He'll soon be taking off to work on his new, 10-episode CNN show. Break a leg George!

On the evening of April 26th, cousin Kevio dropped by with a belated card and cash for Kate...(her birthday stretched on for days!) Always good to get money - the gift that never needs returning! It came from him, his wife, Marilyn, daughter Sacha and granddaughter, Sienna.

Max playing it cool with his fellow musician, Uncle Kev.

And of course, there was a hug for me too. SO glad he's recovered completely from his major kidney surgery.

I've loved this man my whole life and will till the day I die. Now rock on!

Had yet another hospital visit - back to Princess Margaret. This is the outdoor patio just off the 16th floor. So pretty. The visit was to see the shrink who is trying his best to keep me together! (Good luck with that, Doc!)

The inspiration board in the lobby said, "Wholeness is a basic human need." - You ain't kiddin'!

On the way home, stopped by Kevan and Marilyn's place to tell them it was the two-year anniversary of my breast cancer surgery - (and two-years cancer free). Thank you Dr. McCready!

May 1st found me back at JC Salons to see master stylist Paul Taylor at his new digs again. This is the before shot.
And here is AFTER - colour, highlights, cut and style, here with Paul.

It was a stunningly beautiful day in Bloor Village.

On May 2nd, got invited to go back to my old high school, Northern Secondary for a special art show.
Hit up the nail salon beforehand (you can see Tom taking the pic in the mirror),

and that evening, headed off to the old digs with Dean Rogers, who wanted me to see the incredible art work the students are doing these days. (Dean and I first met in grade 11)!

Boy, was he ever right! The show was called Northern Lights.

We saw brainstorm drawings,

a wide array of ceramic works, including all these amazing chess sets - just incredible!

There was clay work,

puzzle philosophies,

demonstrations of the pottery process,

walls just covered in colour,

a small orchestra to entertain, (and they were excellent!)

singers and musicians in the hallways,


hi-contrast portraits,

feelings in words,

and even the lockers were magnificent!

 (they never looked like this when I was at Northern!) Wow!

I did manage to find my name on the wall under the Fallis Cup list. (at the very bottom). I was the last to win the cup for public speaking! My topic was The Roaring Twenties! (I'm pretty sure my Mother wrote it for me, so no wonder I won!)

All in all, a very eclectic, electric and impressive show. Hail dear old Northern!

I spent five years at this school, - this pic was taken May 2nd,

and THIS one, taken as a teen. I look a lot different, and it was a long time ago, but somehow, seeing Northern again, it seems like only yesterday! Thanks for the invite Dean!

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