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My Saturday with Ted!

November 24/12.

Never expected to be sitting down at the NewsTalk 1010 studios to talk to Ted Woloshyn on Saturday with Ted, but it happened!

This is the little studio where Ted runs the jam-packed show every week,

along with his trusty musical companion, jazz pianist Bill King, who plays the intros before every interview. It was a treat to sit right next to him to watch and listen. What a talent.

I got to the station at 2 St. Clair Avenue West around 11 a.m. Show producer Dan Jacobs came downstairs to the parking lot to bring me up to the second floor, where I waited in the "holding room", (actually the control room for Ted's show)! Really fun to be "behind-the-scenes",

listening to the banter back & forth between Ted and Bill. They make a great team! If I leaned over, I could JUST see Ted's face behind the glass.

Dan Jacobs, (right), gets very little time to sit. He's constantly up and down. He produces Larry Fedoruk's show as well as Ted's, and spends most of his day rounding up guests and getting them into (and out of) the studio. On  the other hand, Mike Catherwood (left, with cap), operates the board, interacts with Ted and Bill and helps make the show flow! I really enjoyed watching Mike in action, so quick with the quips and effects.

There were so many long commercial breaks, Ted even had time to give me a tour of the newsroom across the hall. He showed me where award-winning newscaster Dave Agar sits (2nd from left - the chair right next to the window). The place looks nothing like it did when I worked there way back in 1975!

Ted made me feel so comfortable. We talked about the early days of Good News reporting, the time I spent working with Bob McAdorey (Ted says Mac inspired him to get into radio), teen idol Bobby Sherman, my Dad (Rex Loring), my Mum (Jill Loring, who worked at CFRB as a copy writer for 26 years), and my experience with breast cancer.

Only problem is, now I remember how much I miss the radio biz! Thanks, Ted, for the chance to wear headphones again and talk to an invisible audience. Was a blast!

P.S., I didn't even realize there were video cameras in the studio, recording us the whole time! (Ted pointed them out to me during a commercial break). My sister, Carrie, sent me a few shots. This is one of them.

Click on the play button to listen to the interview!

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