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November 22/12.

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the U.S.! Hope it's a happy day.

Also the 49-year anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Hard to imagine it's been that long.

I neglected to write in my last entry about fighting my speeding ticket! Never did that before (and it's unlikely I will again). It related to a ticket I got on Gerrard Street West last March while driving to see my daughter, Kate, perform in a solo concert. I was a bit late, and stupidly stepped on the gas, then got stopped going 51 in a 40 zone, received a $55 fine, was faced with losing 3 demerit points and ended up being even LATER (of course),  for  the concert. Since I didn't want to lose those points, decided to try and fight it.

Six months later, I ended up at Old City Hall in one of the many rickety old courtrooms. I met a nice young woman who was fighting her first ticket too, in the same courtroom, so we sat together. About 30 other people were there, waiting to approach the bench. I had no idea the judge takes the cases in alphabetical order, so being Loring, I got seen exactly at the midway point. My heart was racing and it was scary to have to walk towards the stern looking judge and declare myself guilty. They dropped the rate to $45 and I didn't have to lose the points! While there, I saw a prisoner decked out in an orange jumpsuit, being led away. He had such a frightened look on his face and it made me want to run the other way and out the front door to freedom.

Once back on Queen Street, I checked out Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square (which was a bit of a mess as the skating rink was being prepared), and

the Sheraton Centre Hotel, where I've never stayed overnight, (came close), but had many good times (starting way back when I was the 680 News City Hall reporter in 1976!) Reporters and camera folks from the City Hall press gallery were notorious for hanging out at the Sheraton Centre bars. What was that one called....the LONG BAR?? I think so. It was said to be 100 feet long!

Later, celebrated my speeding ticket victory by getting a new Shellac job at Urban Nails.

November 14th was a beautiful day for a run. Sadly, could only get to three laps, due to a painful stitch in my side. Still gunning to get back up to my record of eight laps, but might take a while!

That evening, we spent a few hours at The Friendly Greek on the Danforth (my fave place),

where we took my sister-in-law, Debbie and her significant other, Geoff, out for dinner. It was fun -

and the food, delish! We shared the flaming cheese appetizer - OPA!!

I had Ouzo on the rocks, a drink I first discovered while watching the movie 40 Carats, (1973), starring Liv Ullmann and Edward Albert Jr. They sipped it together on a romantic Greek beach in Argos, causing me a lifetime dream/wish to visit the place. (so far, have never been able to get there!)

The next day, yet another visit to No Frills, (where I practically live),

and then, a trip to The Eaton Centre to pick up a bunch of things. The place was all decorated for the holidays, including the popular massive reindeer!

I was shocked to see so many people crammed around the fountain area. WHY?? What was going on?

I thought there was some kind of an emergency, but nope.

Turned out, it was the day the fancy schmancy new LED Christmas tree was about to be lit up and I just happened by, right underneath it, at the exact moment the candy cane switch was scheduled to be thrown! First it was all dark.

Then, doing the honours? Jeanne Beker and Santa!

Bing! - And the pink lights were all on!!

Some people love it, others can't stand it! All I know is, hundreds of people are lining up every day to have their photo taken with the tree!

After the tree-lighting, I continued on my merry way,

 looking for Christmas gifts and a new holiday dress.

Saw Brad Pitt, hawking Chanel #5 at The Bay,

then hit up Reitmans, where I thought I could find something pretty, but hated everything!

Finally spotted a dress I adored at a hot store called Dynamite.

It's shiny, sparkly and has a cool design in the back!

Later in the week, took Max to Long & McQuade to pick up the speakers he had repaired. (luckily, for free, since they were still under warranty!) Very heavy, but he carries them "like so much tissue paper"!

(that's a line from "Mrs. Potts" in the sexy William Holden/Kim Novak movie, Picnic).

While waiting for Max in the parking lot, I ran into a man who recognized me from high school days! Ian Gray, a former student at Northern Secondary was celebrating his birthday and offered to take a blog shot of me against the L & M graffiti wall!

(Thanks Ian! Long time no in decades)!!

This past week, Max took his hat off long enough to get a new haircut! (This is the most anyone has seen of his eyes for years)!

The same day, Sam took his Dad out for a green pea soup dinner at the Lawrence Plaza restaurant, United Bakery. For some reason, the folks sitting next to them, took it upon themselves to befriend them and draw their caricature! (Not very flattering, but funny)!

On November 19th, I paid a visit to my cardiologist. With all the stress and anxiety over the past two years, the old ticker seems to be doing flip flops from time to time, so the Doc likes to keep an eye on me. (not a stylist or push-up bra anywhere in sight! - only a sequin-y black belt to jazz up the hideous gown).

The Doc says everything is OK and to come back and see him next September.

One more celebration, to fix up some broken and chipped Shellac at the (highly decorated) Urban Nails. Tom took on the challenge!

Then the drive home, on a beautiful evening, to make dinner for everybody.

Oh, and forgot, while shopping for the holiday dress, just couldn't get past La Senza's new 2012 version of the Christmas teddy! HAD to try it on. Didn't buy it, even though it's so cute. Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney!

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