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Ultrasound experience #2!

April 21/11

Upon arriving at Princess Margaret Hospital today, I immediately sought out the special easel. My new friend, Cynthia Mulligan of CITYNews told me to be sure to see it. Each day, there's a message written on the board to inspire the patients, family members and anyone else who passes by. Today's message said: Amends to others are very important. Amends to ourselves are essential. (Anne Wilson Schaef).

The ultrasound today turned out to be pretty intense. Moreso than the first one back in February. A lovely young woman named Emily was in charge of the procedure. Due to the pain in my breast, (which I’ve had since discovering the lump), it kind of hurt having the “wand” pressed down and rubbed all over the place. Nothing agonizing, but just not comfortable. Also, it went on for a longer time than the last one. This time, they really wanted to be sure they could see what was there and give good pictures, to assist Dr. McCready with the surgery next week.

I was surprised when Emily brought in another woman, a doctor, who
wanted to check the results and actually conduct some of the test herself. When it was over and I was still lying on the table, they explained to me that I’m a very unusual case, (what else is new?), saying the lump itself really doesn’t have the kind of look that a cancerous tumour usually does, and yet, cancer was found in the biopsy. They said I was extremely lucky the biopsy revealed the cancer, because there was no way an ultrasound would have led them to believe there was anything suspicious there. (I thought of my friend, Bruce Kirschbaum – see March 18th blog entry, who proclaimed, the third sample of tissue which found the cancer WAS the blessing! He was right!)

At one point, both ladies left the room. I was still lying there on the table, mind wandering, when what comes pouncing into my brain? Something my old high school friend, Jeffrey had emailed me the night before. Having gone through much pain in his life (and then reading my whining fears about pain issues), he sent the following message:

"You kids don't know how lucky you have it now. Back in my day they just gave you a shot of Old Rotgut and a bullet to bite on before they dug in with whatever they could find that was vaguely sharp and not too rusty!"

All alone, in that stupid gown, I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. It's amazing how so many of the things people have said to me come into play at the least likely, and often most inopportune times. LOVE it! Keep 'em coming gang!

When the ladies returned, I was asked to sit in the waiting room while yet another doctor checked the pictures, in case they needed to repeat anything, but they didn’t and I was able to leave. Once I got down to the lobby and was about to go home, something very strange happened to me. I think Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth suddenly struck my soul and I went all-over-Sheeny. I’ll explain this in the next entry! (Many of my aggressive, combative reporter pals may recognize these all-encompassing symptoms and relate).

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