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2013 arrives with laughter and tears

January 15/13.

My son, Max, all dressed up, on his way out for New Year's Eve to meet his girlfriend.

Sam and I headed for The Danforth to go to

Christina's, a fab restaurant, for a special dinner.

with balloons,


Walking on the way home,

Sam and I suddenly spotted Max and his significant other, gorgeous Robyn, having dinner in the window seat at Il Fornello. We were speaking in sign language through the glass! So cute!

Meanwhile, Kate celebrated New Year's Eve decked out in a sparkling, shimmering, sequined dress given to her by a friend. Gorgeous. She and her beau, Damian, had dinner at their favourite downtown sushi restaurant.

Then home, to watch the 3 Stooges TV marathon, (especially my fave, A Plumbing We Will Go)! -

and then changing the new calendar to 2013! (Large Print!)

Went to see Ross Petty's panto, Snow White at The Elgin Theatre on January 2nd at 7 p.m. Hilarious show. So many funny Toronto references.

Rob Ford "tributes" galore. (not to mention sendups of Bad Boy, Mel Lastman, The Royal York, Don Cherry, the NHL, green bins, The Toronto Star, Richard Ouzounian, Conrad Black, David Mirvish and on and on).

The theatre merch section of the lobby was filled with glowing gadgets!

Glad to share the show with so many "Petty fanatics"!

Once again, long before showtime, I got in more trouble for taking pics of the stage, (even though EVERYBODY was doing it!) I'm ALWAYS the one to get noticed! This is a shot of the poison apple!

Afterwards, at Frans, Max had a chocolate shake in an old-fashioned silver shaker!

We had sandwiches, sweet potato fries and cheesecake,

all delish!

And of course, I had a classic Vodka martini with olives!

We sent texts to Sam, thanking him for the fab tickets and the GREAT seats. Ross Petty rules!

The next day, Kate went to have her hair done by master stylist Paul Taylor, who did deep, dark colour, cut and style. Fabulous look!

On January 6th, I attended an emotional visitation for

Prosper (Ross) Brioux, late, great father of my longtime friend, Bill Brioux, ("Best Dad ever," says Bill), at the Turner & Porter Yorke Chapel on Bloor Street West at Windermere. The place was crammed with relatives and friends who wanted to pay their respects to this incredible, kind, hard-working and honest man.

The funeral mass was held at Our Lady of Sorrows Church,

the perfect spot for the service. Ross and his family were Day One parishioners here.

Mrs. Margaret Brioux was a beauty there, with flowers surrounding her.

Carrie and I sent a bouquet in the most colourful shades we could find, to represent the bright life of
Ross Brioux, who passed away at the age of 97.

There were photos everywhere in his memory,

and Bill had lovingly put together an amazing video tribute going right back to his parents' wedding ceremony, 65 years ago. One family friend turned to me and said, "These visuals are so clear, they could have been shot yesterday."

I caught up with old friend, Pat Bullock, (also a pallbearer),

who shared a few Bullock & Brioux comedy team reunion moments with Bill during the church basement reception. (talk about sweet memories). Even in sadness, these two can still make you laugh! It was a wonderful ceremony and one I'll never forget.

Bill shared a very special love and friendship with his Dad.

On January 8th, I went to have my hair done by (yep), Paul Taylor. Walked in with a mess of straw,

hid my face during the highlights, lowlights and colour,

but ended up with the flippity-dippity do that only Paul can do!

(Please, Paul, could you just follow me around everywhere and fix my hairstyle where ever I go??)

January 10th, took Kate to the AMC Theatre at Dundas and Yonge,

to see a big-screen theatrical version of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (one of my my top ten fave movies of all time). Had never seen it on anything but TV, video or DVD before, so this was a scary treat! Tippi Hedren was absolutely stunning!

I brought my late Mum's favourite little bird on my shoulder. (Got my love of birds from her)!

On Max's 18th birthday, took him, Robyn, plus Kate and her boyfriend Damian, out to see the
big screen version of A Hard Day's Night, (also at the AMC). - First, though, dinner at The Friendly Greek.

Robyn and Max looked so cute together!

And got a surprise birthday dessert - on the house!

Before heading to Yonge & Dundas again for the 10:15 p.m. showing of the 1964 Beatles masterpiece directed by Richard Lester.

Max & I brought along our Beatles collector's edition magazine with the tickets.
(they only cost $30 for the five of us!) GREAT deal!

It was supposed to be Max's night, but I had a fabulous time too! A Hard Day's Night is ALSO on my top ten fave movies, along with The Birds! What a week!

It was fun for Kate and Damian,

and for the birthday boy too! Have a great year Max! Lots of love to you!

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